10 beautiful animals that are driven to extinction by humans

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There are many animal and mammal species that are driven to extinction by humans. Some of them went due to climatic changes and the others were due to human activities. Everybody knows about the dinosaurs, it is mostly said that they went to extinction due to the asteroid attacks but still there is a lot of controversies on this fact. Here are 10 animals which are driven to extinction because of the human race. It was us and out things which lead to all this. Let’s start the list with some beautiful animals:

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1. Dodo

Now, everybody is familiar with this flightless bird and this is one of those which were extinct in the year 1961. You can’t have a list of extinct animals without mentioning the dodo. Living gladly in isolation on the Isle of Mauritius, the dodo was an oblivious, flightless bird not well build for caring itself from predators. It also only laid one egg a year. This bird was clearly only suitable for a quiet life.

2. Great Auk

Nicknamed as the original penguin, great auks were the flightless birds that were about 1 meter tall with tiny wings inappropriate for taking to the skies. They mostly lived in the North Atlantic oceans and only came on land to breed. Great auks gained popularity in the 1700s to their detriment. They were executed for their precious feathers, pelts, meat, and oil by hunters and collectors.

3. Schomburgk’s deer

This deer used to gambol around Thailand. However, tales of the magic power of its antlers made it a popular victim of the traditional medicine trade. This already smells like trouble for the Schomburgk’s deer. Human settlement and agriculture destroyed most of their livable habitat.

4. Elephant bird

This elephant bird is strongly suspected to have been hunted to extinction. These enormous, flightless birds found their sanctuary on the isolated island of Madagascar. Before the humans or any predators were born, these birds lived in relative bliss, giving their enormous eggs virtually out in the open. Sadly, this made them extremely easy dinner.

5. Barbary lion

These beautiful lions have a very distinctive feature’s shape; a long, proud muzzle and a thick mane of locks made it a wild beauty of not just Africa but also Europe. It is not obvious when the Barbary lion went extinct, but it is clear why. No prizes for guessing it, once again, they were poached by humans. One tale claims that a hunter shot the last wild Barbary lion in 1942.

6. warrah

The warrah, or Falkland Islands wolf, was inquisitively the only earth mammal native to the Falkland Islands. These remote wolves were thought to have been trapped on the island when the Ice Age wrecked, and an ice viaduct between the Falklands and mainland South America melted and drifted.

7. Tasmanian Tiger

This incredibly sole, dog-like marsupial with a graceful face and tiger-like stripes was established in Australia, Papua New Guinea and, of the route, Tasmania. In despair, they were wiped out in the 20th century. Their death was sped up when a bounty was put on the thylacine’s head: £1 a pop. That may not resonance like much, but today that would be roughly near £85 ($130).

8. Ground sloth

The ground sloth is near the ending of the list as a moot number 8. It is difficult to establish whether humans are responsible for the extinction of soil sloths or whether it was the result of climate change and the succeeding refuse of megaflora. For without enormous trees, we cannot have enormous sloths.

9. The pangolin

The pangolin is a small, scaly anteater originate in Africa that looks like an under your own steam pine cone. Unluckily for the pangolin, all eight species are listed as seriously endangered. They are traded on the black market for foodstuff and their scales are used in pretense medicine in China and Vietnam.

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10. Atlas Bear

The Atlas bear was the only yet species of the bear inhabitant to Africa. They lived in the northwest section of the continent, around the Atlas Mountains. The bears were hunted and captured during the time when it was under the Roman Empire and entered in the gladiator fighting pits.


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