10 Most Popular Beer In The World


When it comes at chilling with alcohol then Beer is the among the most popular alcoholic drinks chosen by every class of people in the world. Although anything in excess is not good especially when it comes to alcohol but consumption in moderate on some occasions can never be ignored.
Whether it is about watching sports with friends or a crazy sounded night out or a birthday party or an quite evening cat chat, a chilled beer can always plays the best part! If its all about the beer then why not choose the most popular beer in the world to really spend a quality time?

1) Snow Beer

It is the beer brand in the world and you can only stand a chance to taste it when you are going to visit China because it is only distributed in China. It has been a great asset to the brand that it is counted among the best-selling beer in the world. It stood at 11th place in 2005 and today has made its place at the top of the list.

2) Tsingtao

Tsingtao is the second most popular beer in the world and has its main manufacturing hub in China. Whats special about it is that the ingredients of this beer consists of spring water from the Laoshan Mountain and every bottle of Tsingtao beer is brewed with exactly the same ingredients that were used 100 years ago which also makes it special. The brand was ranked 10 in 2005 since then has lead an eminent growth.

3) Budweiser

Budweiser is also among the best-counted beer brand in the world. The brand is also the America’s first national beer brand and the beer gained much popularity when during the prohibition Budweiser had the resources to produce beer under 0.5% of alcohol limit which was the law at that time. Budweiser was among the top from past and was ranked 2 in 2005. It is also known as “King of Beers”.

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4) Skol

Skol is another most popular beer brand in the world and has its main hub at Brazil. The name ‘Skol’ was originated by the viking warriors when they were celebrating their victory and thus is a mark of victory. Youngster usually use the brand name ‘Skol’ as a variant for cheers! Skol was ranked 5th among the world in 2005.

5) Heineken

Heineken is the international beer brand available worldwide in approximately 70 countries. Being a common beer brand it tried to change the font of label to make it friendly among women but changed the letter ‘e’ that appeared like smiling. Heineken was ranked 6 all over the world in 2005 and is among the list of oldest brand also.

6) Harbin

Harbin is somewhere ranked around 10-15 of the most popular beer in the world and is a Chinese brand. The brand gained much popularity when presented in the ‘Harbin Beer Experience Gallery’ the largest interactive beer museum that took place in China.

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7) Brahma

Brahma is also among the top ten beer in the world having its main hub in Brazil, the soccer land. The brand launched a limited edition beer couple of months ago before the beginning of World Cup and was ingredient with the barley farmed in the same soccer fields where some of good soccer teams used to train. Brahma was ranked 5 among the top beer brands in 2005 and belongs to Ab InBev family brand.

8) Coors Light

Coors Light need after the founder Mr. Coors has also made its place in the top 10 most popular beer in the world. It was ranked 15 in 2005 but currently is counted among the top 10 beer brands, owned by AB InBev.

9) Miller Lite

Miller Lite is US branded beer is rated with good quality of beer. It was under attention among common people when one they gifted a free supply of beer for a year to someone named McConaughey.

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10) Baltika

Baltika is a Russian branded beer. Baltika is the among the top beer brand in Russia and also counted among the best beer brands in the world. The company has also launched soft drinks flavors under special edition of Rovio, angry birds.


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