10 Things to keep when traveling with kids


“Behind every successful journey are happy kids, of course, if there are any actually!”

Most parents admit that it’s messy and challenging to deal with kids’ majority of the time even at home, then what to talk of when being on the go. So if you are planning any trip and the members include kids too then you must be really prepared. Want to learn to make it easy to travel with your little ones? Following are the cues:

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1. Gadgets

Carry a tablet to keep your kids engaged, they can watch cartoon movies or play games or solve puzzles as per their wants. It will be even more pleasing for you people that you carry notes and tabs if you download audio books or e-books as it will massage your urge keep your kids connected to studies during the trips. Apart from this, be ready with your kid’s favorite music playlist so as they enjoy more and annoy you less with their constant chatter.

2. First Aid box

If you want to be doubly sure that your trip goes smooth and safe then take a box and just put in some band aids, Dettol, Cotton, antiseptic ointment, Doctor’s tape, mosquito repellant, antihistamines, and other needful stuff that could be handy in case of emergency. General medicines such as the ones for the stomach and pain killers need to be in there in your bag if you are on an outing.

3. Pack your Food

How can you think of feeding your little kids with the filthy street food, even if it is a big restaurant you can never be sure that it will be healthy for them. Moreover, certain trips such as road trips might turn out to be pretty penny wherein it is obvious that cost of food bothers you a lot, it is quite hard to manage in such situations especially when you are with children as they need and want a variety of tasty food every now and then. To help yourself in such cases it is best to not only have your meals packed but also various healthy snacks.

4. Toys

Papa, when will we be reaching? Mom! , how long to go now? These are the questions that always eat your head, no matter what. Undoubtedly children can be a big headache during the journey; therefore you need to be wise enough to know how to keep them distracted and to do that you got to carry the stuff they are into always, that is their Toys. You can carry some little toy cars, robots, soft toys or dolls, Also, don’t forget to carry coloring books and crayons as kids most of the times are happy being busy showing their creativity with colors and drawing sheets. An advice from my side that you might find great is to give your little ones each a small notepad and to tell them to write their experience on each part of the trip in their own words.

5. Hygiene

Let’s come to the parents those with toddlers, it’s truly troublesome to travel with babies. They can deuce, pee or curdled spit up anytime. If you want to avoid smelly clothes and keep yourself and your baby in hygiene on the go, then your supplies include wet wipes, paper towels, tissues, paper soaps, lots of diapers and hand sanitizers.

6. Check lists

Always maintain a list of things you have to do and places you need to visit because we know that your kids may replace your sanity in a few hours. These lists are going to save you from a real big mess. So it is easier to shed off some of your hardship with these lists and have a happy go lucky tour.

7. Kids’ own little luggage

To make your kids happy and comfortable, let them pack their stuff by themselves. It always makes kids enjoy the journey more when they don’t have to ask elders again and again for little-little things. They not only feel free but also get a sense of responsibility, plus your job gets easy which, I guess is the best part for you. So for a better journey give your kids each a small sized backpack.

8. Water

One major reason behind any upset stomach is ‘water’ and hence, when it comes to the sensitive little kids you need to be really cautious. You can for once compromise for yourself, but you can’t take a risk with them. What I suggest is to carry purified water from your home and if in case it is not possible to take as much as needed for a long journey then you can buy some chlorine tablets or other water purifiers.

9. Do not forget

There is a list of general stuff that you got to take when traveling with kiddos viz. selfie stick, chargers or adapters, towels, sunglasses, sun protection lotions, blankets ( in winters), disposable containers, tumblers and bottle nipples(when with babies), skin care products and other things to make your journey effortless.

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10. Make it easier

There are numerous travel apps available these days which could make half of your job less burdensome. If on a road trip you can get to know about the best hotels on the go according to your pocket and also about the fire stations. To be on the safer side, you can keep yourself updated with your location and even share it with your contacts by live-tracking of your route via GPS.

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