Top 10 haunted places in the World

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The mysteries of the unidentified have always enthralled the human brain. Here is a list of top 10 haunted places in the world.


Monte Cristo, Australia

In Junee, New South Wales it is one of the most ghostly mansions located. Mrs. Crawley the landlord of the mansion locked herself inside the house for around 23 years after her husband’s death. Ever since her death, her spirit haunts the house principally her earlier room. Body-less poltergeist, ghost face in the window, hanging ghost, weird and poltergeist voices, light turning off & on automatically are various haunting incidents of the public. Various persons stated that the moment they go into the husband’s bed room they turned purple & were out of breath; as soon as they came out of the room they became normal.

bhangarh fort

Bhangarh Fort

As per the tale, a black magic tantric, Singhia, cursed the fort with the intention that everyone’s souls would stay there for ages devoid of rebirth. An additional fascinating thing is, every accommodation in this part is without top-roofing as whenever a home/ accommodation is constructed with top-roofing, the roof falls down. Persons who go to see this fort experiences uneasiness and restiveness. It is believed that who-so-ever stays here after the dusk never ever comes back from this area. Government has banned this place from staying after dusk. A board too has been put via Archaeological Survey of India stating that “Staying after dusk is strictly banned in this place”.


Berry Pomeroy Castle, Totness

There are various tales connected by this 14th-century castle, and it has a status of being ghostly. It has 2 well-known womanly ghosts; the Blue woman and the White woman. As per the tale the White female is the soul of Margaret Pomeroy, who starved while being locked up in the prisons via her envious sister. It seems that she haunts the dark prisons, and goes up from St Margaret’s Tower to the castle barricades. The Blue female is not restricted to a particular region and is believed to lure individuals into parts of the ruin.

screaming tunnel

Screaming Tunnel close to Niagara Falls

It was originally built in the 1900’s however was dumped after financing was confined because of the World War 1. It is the spot of an urban tale which states that the tunnel is haunted via spirit of a small girl who got burnt in the tunnel. One unfortunate day, the farm house close to this tunnel caught fire, swallowing up a small girl in its fire. The girl ran away from the house shouting for help and ran in the tunnel and fell down in the tunnel base in an effort to put out the fires, however she died. As per one tale, the girl’s dad had became furious as he was unable to secure access of the girl from the court & and pursued her into the tunnel, drenched her with petrol & put her blaze. Whereas several states that the flames were put by a neighboring butcher who was infatuated with the small girl. The heat is considerably cooler in the tunnel when compared with the neighboring area.


The island of dolls, Mexico

It is located in Xochimilco, Mexico district holds the jungles where the trees originate with dolls’ skulls. It has turn out to be a natural procedure that the dolls’ skulls originate from the trees roots & shrubs. Tale states that in 1920, 3 juvenile girls were playing close to the water, when 1 girl out of the 3 fell in muddy waters and drowned. Localities say that since then the soul of the girl dint leave the island. As soon as the news spread the place was declared as haunted by the local people. People stated that in 1950 a guy named Julian went to the island. He found that a girl started talking to him & told him how she got trapped in the island & then died. Then he started bringing dolls for this girl. To purchase old dolls for this girl he started growing vegetables & fruits on this island & started selling them. But the girl’s thirst for these dolls started increasing hence Julian became much tensed & shared everything with his nephew. On the same day of their conversation Julian’s body was found dead at the same place where the girl died 70 years back. Nowadays, travelers to the island regularly talk of the doll’s eyes chasing them. Others have also stated that the defaced dolls murmur to them, particularly in dark. The ghost of both the Girl & Julian’s is believed to be found on the island.

waverly hills

Waverly Hills Sanatorium- USA

In 1910 it was a two-story structure made of wood, but the structure which is seen nowadays was built in 1926. In early to mid 20th century it was a tuberculosis hospital.  It is assumed that more than 63,000 patients died there because of this disease as at that time it was at its most evil stage moreover the supposed ill-treatment and doubtful experimental processes on patients led to this death toll. Probably this is the reason behind this building to become haunted. Several types of ghostly activities have been observed here out of which some of them are passing shadows, crying noises from vacant rooms, footsteps, full body ghosts, abrupt cold spots, and ghostly voices.

bell witch cave

Bell Witch Cave

It is a dark cave where John Bell and his relatives were murdered. The ghosts of this cave persist to torture the teenagers in close by areas that is why the public give their inclination to purchase or rent their accommodations few kilometers away from this cave. The tourists visiting cave declares that each & everything of this cave is cursed. Even a minute part of stone or mud is cursed thus one must never think of taking anything outside the cave or else they might lose their life.

Aokigahara- Japan

Aokigahara- Japan

It is at the bottom of Mt. Fugi, Japan’s worldwide iniquitous Suicide Forest. Various persons have gone into the forest to take their life in the middle of its intense trees and creepers, so many public that the police force does yearly clean in order to clear away the remains. Police does not disclose the number of body discovered to the public. As expected, most of the people consider that the jungle is ghostly by the spirits of those who have committed suicide there. However many other tale states that, at the time of food crisis in early Japan, there were many families who were not able to feed themselves. Many would be go to Aokigahara, where they died of hunger.


Chateau De Brissac- France

It was formally constructed in 11th century & was again rebuilt in 1502, via Charles II, Duke of Brissac. In France it is the most gracious & tallest castle. It exudes aged world charisma. In 15th century a dual murder which happened inside the barricades of the castle, has effected in one of the additional popular poltergeists of this castle, that of the “Green Lady”. The present occupants (the recent Duke of Brissac and his relatives) have become familiarized to her wandering the rooms, although she has frightened most of the guest/ visitors. She is regularly seen in her green dress. What’s most shocking is her features as her face has wide open gaps in place of nose & eyes, similar to what a carcass might look like. In early hours visitors her sighting, her groans are too regularly heard all through the castle.


Kuldhara village

It is commonly recognized to be a forsaken poltergeist village which has been deserted ever since 1800’s. It is believed that the village is cursed by the villager who lived there since 7th century & disappeared during the night.  It has been believed that in 1825 all the citizens of Kuldhara and close by 83 townships disappeared in dark without prior notice. Legends regarding this mystery comprises of the fact that once Salim Singh, (state minister) visited this town and fell in love with the good-looking daughter of tribal chief wished to tie the knot with her. The minister warned the villagers & stated that he would impose massive taxes on them if they do not get hitched. The head of the tribe hence decided to desert and travel somewhere else in order to defend the girl’s respect, together with the neighboring towns. No one saw them going nor did anybody came to know that where they departed, they just disappeared.




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