Got a weekend, every time we have weekends that just come and vanishes soon! Everyone wonders about what to do to make the weekend more happy and cheerful. Now if you really want to make your weekend memorable, relaxing, productive and satisfactory then you really have to workout and manage smartly. Weekends moves very fast. You know, right from the Friday night you have at least 60 hours in your hands and luckily you have long weekends then sure you have more than enough time to spend well full of fun, relaxation and recharging your tired rush life. Here are the best top 10 tips to make this weekend the best of your weekends! Planning and managing your time wisely could be the best idea to rejuvenate your mind and body.


1. Portrait a proper plan

Pre-decide during the week days what exactly you are aiming to do for the upcoming weekend. Don’t just think, take a pen and diary and jot it down so that you have the hold with good management right from the starting. Plan all the thing with the time limits so that you can completely utilise the weekend with more fun and challenging adventures. If you don’t plan, then surely you will end up repeating the boredom and postponing for the successive week. This would waste another good weekend fun too.


2. Meet up with your friends and family

All of us just enjoy the best time with our friends and family. So don’t hesitate to call up your friends and family and convince them to join you. The fun, pleasure, entertainment and enthusiasm will just increase when you come to join with your friends and family. You know that if you make an effort to plan then the time wisely then the enjoyment will be worthwhile. You can also discuss more about the special plans with others if you are going empty of ideas.


3. Avoid Alcohol, late meetings or overtime Friday evening

There is no doubt that we love to enjoy drinks night. Or some people plan to work overtime as they have time to relax during the next two days. Overtime work and these drinks will surely ruin your weekend like what you did till now. There are many other temptations that will waste your time, so try to move at your place as early as possible and spend time with some cheerful and mind rejuvenating workouts. This will help you to stay energetic and enthusiast while the weekend trip/plan. Take it easy, a little drink at home can be soothing and relax for the next day.


4. Give yourself some time and finish the personal work

Rushing around and spending the time at last moment can be frustrating and tiring. If you have some important work pending, then just try finishing over as soon as possible to stay relaxed and free of mind while executing your plan about the weekend. You need to be mentally as well as physically prepared for the enjoying the weekend to the full. Other than this, a mind free from every work will bring peace to your mind to enjoy the weekend without any tensions.

5. How long you have not been romantic with your partner

Do you remember the last candlelight dinner with your partner? Do you remember the cheerful drinks and late night talks with your partner? You don’t need a special occasion to celebrate with your partner, set aside the other excuses and plan a romantic dinner at home. If you want to make this date more cheerful then surprise your partner with light candles at the entrance. You could also take a moonlit walk together or enjoy a romantic movie, dance or soothing music. A creative workout can relieve you from all tensions and stress of great rush in your life.


6. How are your kids doing?

We all want to embellish some great memories with our kids. But our busy routine of life does not allow us to give frequent time to our children. What’s this weekend? Ensure to spend some quality time with your kids to enhance their creativity. You can plan a small picnic trip with your kids, visit a nearby museum, gather your friends and organise a treasure hunt or plan some other activity with your kids.

A swimming day or a gameplay tournament, public volunteering or some appropriate live show this weekend can bring a real joyful time.You must also keep an eye on the studies of your children, a quick revision of syllabus can make smart and intelligent. You can also make a visit to an art gallery, kids love arts. You can make use of garbage products to make new things to enhance the creativity of your kids.


7. Get to Know Nature

In the day rush of life, we all are bounded by technologies, mobiles and other digital products. Look back and remember the activities that were fun to do and funny to watch. You kids must also enjoy and appreciate the great wonders of mother nature. Park and playground are best of all ideas when you don’t have any specific plans.It can be real fun to make your kids cycling and giggling around while playing. Apart from the digital boredom of movies, computer games or social media, spend some quality time that uses physical energy.


8. How long haven’t you met your parents?

Our jobs and professional life have demanded us to stay away from our parents. Parents are the most integral part of life. What about surprising your parents this weekend with your presence? Food brings people and memories together. Plan a lunch and dinner at some good place to bring the old days back. A weekend plan with your parents with a housewarming gift or a small family gathering will surely relieve your stress and motivate you, making your happier and cheerful.


9. Volunteer this weekend for a social cause

How kind have you been to the world? What about volunteering a local opportunity this weekend. You can get to know about the NGO’s who are organising events and volunteer willingly for a change and a social cause. All your concern for the betterment of society will bring hormonal relationships among people.


10. Shopping or road trips

Some people just love shopping while some love to travel. You can have a day out with the family to bring in new gifts and groceries. Sometimes a bookstore and toyshops are main targets. Or you can plan a long road trip which is another best idea to bring peace. Travelling and haunting new places is a passion. So choose what suits you, a rush at the market or the cheerful road trip with friends and family.