Nature is full of surprises and extensive flora and fauna. Nature is so much vast and eminent that in one life it’s a difficult task to see all the flora and fauna. If you study about these unseen hidden floral and fauna, you will definitely be amazed of abilities and facts about these different living creatures. Many of these are so uncommon that hardly few in a world get a chance to see. One of the famous purple frogs of India is available for only two weeks a year on the ground and spends the rest of the life underground. Some of these amazing animals are discussed below:


1. Frilled Shark:

Do you want to dive deep in the oceans of Atlanta and Pacific? Amazingly frilled sharks are found only in the deep waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. These sharks are described as ‘living fossil’ as the frilled sharks resemble the extinct species of palaeozoic sharks. Also, frilled shark is one of the two extant species of shark in the family Chlamydoselachidae. One of the amazing facts reveals that frilled shark is very sharp in capturing its prey by bending its body and lunging forward like a snake.

2. Red Cap Gold-Fish:

Red cap goldfish is known primarily because of the red coloured hood that covers its head. This fish is also called orange and the red hood actually gives a look type of its brain. Passionate fish lovers usually love to red cap goldfish to resemble in their aquariums. It was first imported from China to Japan. This fish has 5 other variants and different characteristics.

3. Crocodile Fish:

Scientifically named Ctenocephalus apparatus, Crocodile fish are amazingly fairly translucent. The fish is named for its markings and patient, predatory behaviour. Although its natural habitat is soft, acidic environment with live and fallen vegetation. Sometimes also refer as white blooded ice fish due to the absence of red blood cells and haemoglobin. One of the great abilities of crocodile fish allows it to directly absorb oxygen directly from the water around them.

4. Amber Phantom Butterfly:

Amber Phantom Butterfly is named as Haetera Piera in scientific terms. Their types of butterfly are really not common and usually found in the areas of Guianas, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela and Bolivia. The amber phantom butterfly belongs to the species from the subfamily Satyrinae in the family Nymphalidae.

5. The Pistol Shrimp:

This creature of nature is known as the noisiest creature in the oceans. These survive in colonies and are known for making a very distinct differentiable snapping noise in the oceans. The noise is so dominating that these overpower all other noises prevailing in the depth of oceans.


6. Blue-Footed Booby:

The patches of blue-footed booby are found from the Gulf of California to Peru including the sub-tropical islands of Pacific Ocean. The marine bird is easily recognised by its prominent bright blue feet which are a sexually selected trait. One of the prominent features of Blue-footed booby are the sexually selected traits that male attracts the female blue footy booby he likes by dancing.

7. The Mexican Walking Fish:

The Mexican walking fish, also known as Mexican Salamander is closely related to tiger salamander. This species is found mainly in the Mexico City and Lake Xochimilco is the prominent destination. The fish is called the walking fish and it is an amphibian rather than being a fish. One of the amazing facts about is that the walking fish is capable of travelling over the land.

8. Amazon Milk Dog:

As the name suggests, the Amazon Milk Frog belongs to the Amazon Rain Forest in South America. The frog belongs to the large species of well known, arboreal frog and is also known as the mission golden-eyed tree from or the blue milk frog. This frog is usually adaptive to live in the humid rainforest region and its vegetation extends overs permanent and slow moving water sources.

9. King of Saxony Bird of Paradise:

The king of Saxony Bird of Paradise resides in the mid-montane and the upper montane forests. The bird belongs to the bird of paradise of family or Paradisaeidae. It’s hard to believe but the bird stays alive only on the fruit resources. Another prominent fact about it is that the male members are love to sing for the female posturing and waving their flag fumes.

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10. Indian Purple Frog:

The Indian Purple frog belongs to the family Sooglossids. It is found in the western ghats of India. The frog has a bloated body and robust appearance with an unusual pointy snout. The arms and legs splay out in the standard anuran body form. Surprising but true, the Indian purple frog spends most of their life underground and spends just two weeks a year on the surface for mating.