Water cools all, be it one or all beaches are today’s most peaceful and happy vacations point that attract a lot of tourists and locals to itself. Almost everyone dreams to have a sweet home near the water where to will tan and play and live happily ever after watching the sunset and sunrises. Paradise considered beaches list is although very long but here are the top 10 that have crossed the heavenly limits of beauty and have been all time favorites.

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The turquoise water of this beach will just leave you awesome and its 115 islands located near Indian Ocean will just make you feel like heaven is all here. Also the pale pink sand products made from sea shells will just make your whole trip perfectly designed. The sight stretched clear sky and those blue waves greeting you will just make your realize the difference from the lights and car world you live in and the worn out granite boulders will surely make you envious than the road and foot paths you always walk on.


Maldives Beach

Next in our top beaches list is the world famous Maldives beach. Be it a grand hotel resort or some exotic underwater diving, Maldives are like the perfect location that has both the faces equally beautiful and each mesmerizing. Beat view and tropical fruits are for sure going to make you question yourself, where were you until now. Also the walks around the warm water and soft shining sand will give your feet the pleasure that it has been awaiting for long. This surely is a paradise with fun trips of wind surfing, lagoon diving, Jet Ski and other adventurous sports.


Tahiti beach, Bora Bora

Being one of the small rolled up French magical island in the south pacific, this may seem a little small for your vacation but the ultimate unlimited fun it offers are going to speed your days and make you feel like you just arrived. This romantic island is filled with lovely atmosphere where you can feel the love as you breathe and dive along the winds and walk with the breezes. Also the diving excursions will just leave you relaxed for a lifetime and memorize this place for like always.


Hamptons Beach, New York

Being the prettiest and the most thrilling beach in our list this beach is for sure a ticket to the fun you have been missing for always. Perfect for fishing colorful treats this beach is the best walk near Arctic horizon. Here from Southampton to Montauk, you can treat yourself to the clear water views and beautiful sunsets making the sky colorful along with you life.


Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

This serene and scenic beach is one of the best in Hawaii. And guarded by coral reef Lanikai beach is very beautiful and tranquilizing. Also the wide spread blueness all around with the tangy sun happily shining on head, a visit to this beach will like remain in dreams all lifelong. And this place is true as it name says, “Lanikai” meaning “heavenly ocean”. Wide spread aqua and warm shiny sand along with true heavenly sea meals, there is no more you can wish.


Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

One of the north Atlantic beach gem, this beach is a sure shot for best life time surfing experience and one of the best place for everyone including that for children. The serene, calm blue aqua and glittering sand along with soft warm temperature that just makes your hand quench for building sand castles. Also the rough challenging waves will make your heart jump over the waves and splash it all around.


Fraser Island, Australia

The sun blessed coast and largest island in northeast Brisbane this heritage beach companioned with rain forest is like every ecologists dream and every nature lover’s choice. Spread along more than 600 square miles this is a sight no one wants to miss and this is a beach no one wants to ignore. Also the not much disturbed natural view provides you all the love you wanted to have for natural technologically uncensored nature.


St. Barts France

St. Barts France is lovely and this beach made it even more French fancier. Beautiful aqua colored water sophisticated warm sand all along the fine French cuisine, there is nothing more you will want here, not even to leave. Also the silver sparkling sand makes your day perfect with 20 along beaches and tanned sunbathes. The secluded and fine beaches here are perfect for any holiday and spring breaks for best island relaxations.


Langkawi, Malaysia

As the name itself stands for “the lands of one’s wishes”, this island is truly the one, which one dreams of. Having the thrilling history of refuge for pirates, Langkawi is like a perfect run-away to island that lets you escapes the city noise and lights for a while to administer serene and calm natural water waves coming along to say hello. The uncrowned silver shiny sand offers you the peace to listen to your heart and fills your mind with still and memories of beautiful sights of sunrise from the water to sunset stretched to same. Being on the Andaman Sea, this island has shades of green forests along its other border line except water.


Kauna’oa Bay beach, Hawaii

Being another Hawaii in our list and crescent shaped this maybe last in our list but this is surely worthy and deserves to be known. You can find your entire childhood beach scene coming true here with the water flowing, sparkling sand and sunshine flashing water and various memories cycling your mind. Swimming, tanning, thinking and getting lazy over the beach this is like the one thing you have been wishing in the face of beach. This Hawaiian spot is like the better of best you would have imagined along the Kohala coast. Being the Aloha’s big island this one is surely going to mesmerize you till heaven.


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