Top 10 Crime full countries

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In this world, crime is increasing at a high rate. People committing crime think that they have no other better options than this. But they don’t think of the adverse effects that they have to face due to this. Moreover, they are making their country have a bad reputation. Here in this article, we are discussing the top 10 countries that are high on the charts of having frequent crime rates.

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1. United States of America

Also, the most developed country is not left away from crime. The USA has topped the list with a number of crimes in the States. If we are to go by the digits, then about 11,877,218 is the count of crime that takes place in the states every year. It includes all types of crimes.

2. India

Counting a number of crimes lately, India is the second most crime full country in the world. It was given the tag of “The most unsafe country for women”. India sees a total of about 6,523,706 number of criminal activity throughout the year. About 70% of the total population is below the poverty line in the nation. It rounds up to 1.2 billion of the total population. Now, this is a very crucial figure which leads to criminal activities.

3. Brazil

Rio-De Janerio is the biggest city in Brazil. It has been the most visited tourist spot of the country for decades now. With almost everybody owning a gun, it is ranked as one of the highest crime having country. It was given a name like, “The Murder Capital of the world”. It is home to some ruthless and hardened criminals that are living up to their Tough Guy character.

4. Germany

Counting total overall crime scenes to 6,507,394 Germany is the 4th most criminal activity containing country in the world. This country has a very violent history when Hitler came to the throne. From then till date this country is living up to its image of one of the most crime having a country in the world. Here, the one who has a high reputation and a healthy income rule the area. He does things that suit him and so the criminal activities increase due to the imbalance so occurred.

5. United Kingdom

After all, we get to know that the United Kingdom is not so united lately. It is the country which sees about 3,771,805 numbers of criminal activities. The basic problem here is the neighbor’s enmity. It happens like if someone in London kills or beats the crap out of a person in Manchester, and then this problem will spread out in every neighboring city and involve even those who weren’t involved in this in the first place.

6. Jamaica

The Marijuana is the basic and almost the sole reason for people killing each other. Everybody is not involved in criminal activities but still, this country sees about 2,658,424 criminal acts every year.

7. France

Everybody loves French fries but not everybody loves crime of France. France is been listed as the 7th top country which sees about 2,556,110 number of crime every year including killing, harassment and other. Paris is a lovely destination where people have a thing to be at but still, they are not so much secured in the country. All kind of crimes is seen in this place. You will have a think before choosing a city in this country.

8. Columbia

The name itself gives an image of a country which is controlled and driven by a group or organization of gangsters. With more than $10 billion drug circulation in the country, this is the 8th most critical country with all kinds of criminal activities. About 2,516,918 numbers of criminal activates are tracked in the country every single year. You never know who is carrying a gun and who has some blade under his or her sleeve. You need to be really very cautious while visiting this place. Although it is a good place to visit for a week or so, but then take the required and necessary steps to be safe.

9. Sweden

The entire spotlight in this country is taken by rape. The country with the highest number of a rape victim is Sweden. For females, it is considered as the rape capital. Sweden surely is a great country but then every country has something bad hidden in it and so it is this rape scene which is the worst headlines but yes frequent enough in the country.

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10. Belgium

Nevertheless, Belgium is a country which is not to forget. It also makes its way into our list with about 176,360 crime scenes in a year. This country is a very respectable one and has a very good reputation all over. It is relatively very safe country apart from some minor coincident. Most of the crimes in this country are street based.

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