The world is an unsafe place and is only becoming more dangerous with the passage of time. Everyone wants to live somewhere safe or visit a tourist place without being worrying about the safety. However, merits for safety can cover a whole range of criteria such as low crime rates which are an accurate reflection of a country’s safety. The following list which is interestingly dominated by European nations will let you know of the top 10 crime fewer countries

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1. Singapore

Singapore is arguably the safest country on earth. The tiny Asian nation is home to 5.3 million people and is about half the size of Los Angeles. With such an insane level of overcrowding, you might expect things to quickly turn violent. But this is not the case. All forms of violent crimes and theft hit a 20 year low in the year 2016. The only crime that is on up is the cyber crime which certainly isn’t going to get you killed. Even stuff like spitting gum is punishable with hefty fines. But all this security comes with a price tag as it is the government who is in charge of Singapore and they value safety over freedom.

2. Luxembourg

Located between France, Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg is a super rich nation and one of the smallest countries in Europe. What makes Luxembourg stand out from its neighbours is that it has the lowest violent crime rate and the 2nd lowest murder rate in the entire Europe. Also, there were just a handful of robberies and almost no violent crime in 2016. This extremely low crime rate is a result of high standards of living, quality of life and extremely low poverty rates in the nation.

3. Japan

Look at that! Another non-European nation in the list. Japan is notoriously famous for its wickedness, strict work culture and for being so safe that even its Yakuza gangsters fear the country’s gun laws. Japan even recorded fewer than a thousand homicides which are pretty well for a country with a population of 127 million.The year 2015 saw the lowest rate for every single crime since 1945. The capital city Tokyo is ranked as the safest city in the world while Osaka is ranked as the 3rd safest. In fact, you are more likely to be in danger from mother nature rather than from human beings as Japan is constantly hit with earthquakes and tsunamis.

4. Iceland

What makes Iceland as one of the safest nation is that its people truly and deeply care about one another. Many will claim that remoteness and low population breeds violence but the opposite has happened in Iceland with a population of just 325,000. There are no armed forces patrolling the streets, yet any sort of crime is practically unheard of. The cliche of leaving the doors unlocked at night is true. A year with more than one murder is considered a bad year indeed in the country.

5. Denmark

Denmark is not only famous for its must-see attractions but it is also renowned in the world for its safety. The 5th lowest murder rate in entire OECD, almost zero street crimes makes Denmark one of the safest places on earth. Its capital city of Copenhagen is also ranked as the happiest capital city in the world. Even the drug trafficking which has gripped the entire Europe, frequently cause any violence on the Danish soil. Despite all this, Denmark has been a prime target for several terrorist outfits who have called on adherents to attack the country.

6. Norway

With a tiny population of just 5 million, Norway recorded a mere 21 murders in 2015. This marks for one of the lowest murder rates in the whole world. The reason for low crime rates could be Norwegians kinder and gentler approach to crime. The only crime that is likely to have any effect on newcomers in the country is burglary. Norway remains one of the coolest, attractive and most hassle-free country to visit.

7. Germany

Germany has the highest population in the whole of European Union and despite this, nearly every single category of crime has been falling steadily over the years. The only crime that has soared up in recent times is shoplifting. Germany has the 9th lowest homicide rate in the entire OECD and about 2000 murders in a population of 80 million which is pretty low compared to the US. Germany also took in a large number of refugees from Syria and other war zones and after the infamous truck attack on Christmas market in Berlin in 2016, Germany is sadly not free of the dangers of terrorism that are currently bedevilling the whole Europe.

8. Switzerland

Crime is the last thing that comes to mind when speaking about Switzerland. Famous for its awe-inspiring natural beauty, Switzerland is completely inundated with weapons. In 2014, the country recorded 41 murders for a population of nearly 8 million. This incredibly low crime rate of Switzerland might just have something to do with just how crazy rich the nation is.

9. Austria

This tiny nation of beer and sausages is one of the safest places to visit. With a population of about a million or so smaller than Sweden, Austria records around 40 murders in an average year. However, there has been a slight increase in the crime rates following the 2015 migrant crisis. Despite this, Austria remains a friendly and safe place where you’re unlikely to face any misconduct.

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10. Sweden 

Sweden is counted as one of the safest European countries and this fact is backed up by its low crime rates. In 2015, there were a mere 90 kills for a population of nearly 10 million in Sweden. Although, Sweden is not absolutely wrongdoing free. Fraud and crimes against the individual have gone up despite a decrease in theft and drugs crimes. Pickpocketing rates are high during vacation months and Sweden also has a high assault rate.