Top 10 cyber crime

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As enlightened in the summary, this article is going to be based and focused on just one thing and that is a cyber crime. The world has gone digital and now everything is being worked virtually. Be it shopping, sending money, paying bills or any other stuff. Many apps and websites have taken the charge and are ruling human minds. They have given a lot of ease and reduced the burden from humans.

A few of those are listed below:


1. Yahoo breached

It all started in the year 2013 and lasted till 2016; the data on the website of Yahoo was breached. It was in 2016 when it happened on a larger scale that Yahoo disclosed that in 2014 there was a similar breach and the company compromised the data of around 500 million users.

2. Ransomware

The scariest of all, Ransomware is a breach that has caused a lot of chaos. It was confirmed by the Eset data that it was Ransomware who has lead to a number of cyber attacks and it was this same war who was behind a quarter of UK cyber attacks. This is not it; they have also concluded that it was Ransomware that has attacked the data base of US Parliament demanding a high ransom.

3. China Threat

It was China who once became a very threatened country. It was the second biggest source of threat attacked by the cyber crime world. It was in July that a threat was detected by the Symantec which infected almost 10 million android phones. This virus was originated in China.

4. Brazilian Malware

With a lot of population, not exactly higher than China but yes remarkably high population which has a very much thing for this software world and high graphic equipment saw themselves affected by a very dangerous virus last year in Brazil. This virus topped the list of threats in a country and made a spot for itself in the security intelligence published in the Brazilian malwares in July.


5. Healthcare Breach

When taken on the leading websites and companies, it was a Healthcare company which was targeted next. It was seen that 79 million customer’s data was compromised by the hackers. They hacked into the systems and showed the world that how vulnerable can consumer’s health data can be. This threat lasted for around 3 years.

6. OPM

OPM is the short form of the U.S Office of Personnel Management is the world’s largest government breach.  It took over U.S in 2016 and exposed around 21.5 million people’s record. It is also known to be responsible for leaking some of the confidential data of U.S army.

7. US DDoS

In past couple of years, there have been a lot of breaches. These breaches are known as the cyber crime. They happen when someone unauthorized is trying to steal away or look into your personal or work stuff. Us has had this DDoS attack which shook it inside out.

8. Friend finder

You can quickly complete your work and switch onto other in no time. Heavy tasks are also done with a click of a button. Moreover, the most crucial thing is money. If you want to send money you can do it with an ease sitting in your couch. But yes with all these benefits there are a lot of disadvantages as well. This malware Exposed accounts of 412 million users it is the biggest breach of the year.

9. Financial Conduct Authority

The FCA also was brought to their knees when they were breached by the malwares. It started in October 2016 that a cyber crime tried to take away $1 billion from their account.


10. NCA

This is one of the affected regions which has strengthened the help in their department. Every organization has a protection to their work which prevents their office data from getting breached.

These are some of the malware that has happened in the past couple of years. This shows how weak we can be sometimes and that we have nothing private.

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