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It’s really painful to see your loved ones fighting with words diseases. Many of must have heard or faced the death of our friends, relatives and loved ones due to some uncertain or dangerous disease. This is a matter of great concern. Although science and technology had made a lot of progress in the field of medics but some of the deadliest diseases are still claiming millions of lives each year. Many of the deaths are caused due to lack of awareness. Here is a list of top 10 diseases in the world. These diseases can be minimised, even prevented through awareness, public heath relations, prevention, education and adequate treatments. Aren’t you the one developing danger in you?

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1. Coronary Artery Disease (Heart Disease):

The deadliest disease in the world is coronary heart disease, commonly known as CAD and ischemic heart disease. This is caused due to narrowed supply of blood vessels, which are responsible for supplying blood to the heart. The WHO (world heath organisation) have estimated around 7.4 million deaths (13.2% of all deaths in the world) from Coronary Artery Disease. The risk factors include high cholesterol, high blood pressure and smoking.

2. Stroke:

Stroke is caused when the artery in the brain gets blocked or leaked. These blocked arteries cause cells in the brain to get deprived of required supply of oxygen and causes death in minutes. Stroke has counted lives of 6.7 million people around the world (11.9% of all deaths in the world). Risk factors which might be responsible for stroke include high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, and certain heart diseases. Stroke is also a big cause of disability.

3. Lower Respiratory Infections:

Lower respiratory infections includes the group of diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis and influenza. Symptoms of this disease include shortness of breath, fever, weakens, coughing and fatigue. Packed cruise ships, hotels and other close quarters increase the risk of transmission of this disease. The lower respiratory infection has counted 3.1 million lives (5.5% of all deaths in the world).



AIDS is one of the common diseases among people, caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). This infection is caused by HIV which weakens the immunity of a person to the serious extent that people cannot even afford to fight diseases like the cold. The severe condition reaches when most of the T-cell or CD4 cells of the body gets killed and full-scale AIDS s developed. HIV/AIDS has counted deaths of 1.5 million lives around the world (2.7% of all deaths in the world).

5. Fetus/Newborn conditions (perinatal):

Perinatal conditions includes the complications arising out of pregnancy and newborn baby. This includes unsafe abortions, haemorrhaging/severe bleeding, infections and obstructed labour. The prime reason that makes this disease count million of lives of babies is the lack of medical care/nutrition during the pregnancy and childbirth. This disease has counted lives of 3 million death of infants each year and needs to be prevented with a proper record of the health of the mother, proper prenatal care and good medics.

6. Diarrhoea:

Diarrhoea is caused is when you pass three of more loose stool in a single day. If this condition lasts for a few days, it causes the body to loose much salt and water. Lack of salt and water cause dehydration which even causes death. Diarrhoea is caused by intestinal infections transmitted through some bacterias, viruses and parasites. You must avoid contaminated water and food. Diarrhoea has counted deaths more than 1.5 million people (2.7% of all deaths in the world) and major of children under 5-year-old.

7. Cancer:

Cancer is the cause of claiming 1.3 million deaths each year. Cancer is a dangerous disease which is caused when abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissues. Some of the common types of cancer include Breast cancer, Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, etc. Cancer after reaching certain stage are not curable and the person is left counting the remaining days. Its only solution is to recognise it at starting stage and proceed for treatment if possible.

8. Tuberculosis:

Commonly known as TB, tuberculosis is caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis which mainly infects the lungs. Common symptoms include excessive sweating, fever, weight loss, etc. This disease is airborne and successfully treated but still, it has counted lives of 900,000 people around the world. This disease is also one of the top causes of death for people who have HIV/AIDS.

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9. Malaria:

Malaria is a deadly disease caused by a parasite carried by female Anopheles mosquito. The parasite gets transmitted to the human liver via mosquito bite. On maturity, this parasite releases another parasite which infects RBC’s which gets multiplied inside bloodstream and result in notable heath issues. Some common symptoms include pain in muscles, fever, sweating, fast heart rate, nausea, etc. Malaria has caused more than 1 million deaths in a year but is curable if diagnosed and treated promptly and correctly.

10.Diabetes Mellitus:

Diabetes is a group of diseases which affects the insulting production in the body. Diabetes is categorised into two types. In one of type 1, the pancreas is not able to produce insulin and in type 2, the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin which cannot be utilised effectively. Type 2 can be caused due to lack of poor diet, lack of exercise and overweight. Diabetes has counted deaths of 1.5 million people.

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