Top 10 Dog Breed


Everyone must have heard of the famous saying that dogs are the human’s best friend. Dogs are the best animal pet who never receive their owner. There are plenty of dog breeds but some of these just rise to the top more than other breeds around the world.

The most popular dog breeds are founded primarily in homes, dog shows and in all kinds of fields around the globe. Here is a list of top ten best-known dog breeds in the world which have a unique reason to be counted among the famous ones.

1) Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in United States. The reason being that the dogs of this breed are incredibly friendly (even with intruders), loyal and a great asset for families. These dogs are the perfect companion and have gain popularity majorly through art, books and especially movies including Old Yeller. The dogs of this breeds are known to have a good and loving nature personality as well as these love to play with water.

2) Bull Dog

Everyone must have heard the name of Bull dog who are said to have the most unique looks in the world of dog breeds. This is the actual reason why bull dogs are popular and easily recognized among the public. The bull dog was bred in England from Mastiff dogs for the purpose of bull baiting but nowadays these dogs are very useful in working purposes.

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3) German Shepard

This breed has its own recognition in the world. German Shepard has played its best part starting from the savior of Hollywood to the famous Rin Tin Tin. These dogs are known to have the ability to do anything if trained well. Thus German Shepard are preferred over other breeds of dogs for the purpose of to work as assistants to differently abled, police dogs, army or military dogs, search and rescue dogs and many other jobs.

4) Poodle

The Poodle breed has ruled in the United States as the most popular breed of dogs for almost 20 years in the history. This breed of dogs appears quite fancy on the same time are very friendly and equally loyal too.

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5) Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are the smallest of all dog breeds in the world. What’s crazy about the breed is that these dogs comes in variety of sizes, head shapes, coat lengths and even different colors. These dogs are known to be very loyal to their masters but on the same time may have a change of temper. The breed is very careful about its master and becomes aggressive around other crowd.

6) Rottweilers

This dog breed is a kind of ferocious and its recommended not to pet this breed if you are thinking to adopt a dog as a pet for the first time. If you are experienced then Rottweilers will never disappoint you and might be you best pet ever. The breed demands a good balance and intelligence and very useful in guiding a blind or on a rescue or search mission. The life is generally 8 to 9 years.

7) Pomeranians

These are the Spitz dog breed. Pomeranians are known under the category of toy dog breed and have been pet of the royals for centuries. Queen Victoria’s pet was one of this breed only which made it globally popular. Pomeranians are intelligent dogs and love to mingle with their masters (are sort of over protective) especially demands extra attention. But may be aggressive and dominant if not trained and cared properly. They can harm small kids and require some attention.

8) Shih Tzus

The name is a Chinese word meaning Lion Dog because of the lag, flowing coat around them. The dog is preferred as a family pet because of its good and humble nature especially with small kids. The dogs of this breed are well mannered and know their limits.

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9) Beagles

Beagles are also among the best-known breed of dogs. The dog has been portrayed in a movie named Shiloh. The dog has food good characteristics with adorable, puppy dog eyes, soft-core features and cute floppy ears. The are also very friendly and have powerful noses.

10) Golden Retrievers

This dog breed is really a beast example of intelligent, loving, friendly, gentle, energetic and even cheerful. The breed is said to be originated in Scotland recognized by thick water-repellent coat and varies in colors from cream to deep golden. It ranges from 23-24 inches in height and 65-75 pounds in weight.

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