Top 10 Economic Risks Of 2017


According to annual forecast reports in 2017, the risk of political growth are most likely grow up over the course of time. After the appointment of new US president Donald Trump their lies huge change in foreign policies, these policies are sure to affect trade and economic growth with other countries. The year 2017 marks the most volatile and risky environment all around which could affect economic growth.

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Newly elected president of United States, Donald Trump says that only thing he would do is to make America great again. He not only said this statement to win the election but he actually meant it as seen the after he came in power as the honorable President of America. The major decision he took as the president of United States was to abandon all immigrants from other countries. Several other Muslim countries were banned to get visa to the United States. The major objective was to provide more jobs to Americans which was earlier in control of immigrants. As a leader of world’s most powerful country, every major decision taken by Trump can affect entire economic of world. Trump rejected the comparative weakness of presidency and wants several other direct projects which could enhance the economic growth of America as a nation.


China has large political and economic trajectory for decades due to which it has large control over economy of South East Asia. There are several risk involved in maintaining the economic as well as power consolidation. Despite steady growth, China’s large economic imbalances continue to grow, its leadership has slowed but has turned into new market reforms, and economic policy trade are keeping its position strong. Politically there is a lot of fear and frustration among party and business elites are at their highest level but still its growth are much ahead as compared to the other countries in the world. Consequently it all lies under president how to cope up current situation and force its economic growth among their potential challengers.


North Korea is one such country which has backed its military strength more than its economic growth. Several nuclear missile have been tested by North Korea in past few years which have put pressure over economic growth of South Asian Countries as any such incident of attack could lead to vast destruction and thus can bring that particular country over their knees. If any such case of nuclear missile attack occurs then certainly it could mark the invitation to the World War III.


Ruling political party of Africa namely, African National Congress (ANC) headed by president Jacob Zuma are being questioned for several political as well as regional disturbance in the country. Situations are getting worse and are certain to affect the economic growth of Africa and its neighboring countries. Although Zuma has focused on maintaining balance between domestic as well as regional battle over the country in recent times. This violent protest is certainly dark phase for South Africa.


Waves of political risks lies within the German parliament as the measures taken are grouped as materialize. Several disputes have occur over Brexit has distracted German Economic growth and has also given rise to mistrust between UK other European counter part. It is thus predicted that Greek crisis could continue to simmer without any further resolutions. Although Angela Merkel German Chancellor has taken excessive measures to maintain internal dispute and focus more over Economic growth. Policies such as providing citizenship to refugees of war zone were some of the tough phase Merkel has to deal with certain strategies.


Major reforms taken by newly elected president of United States Donald Trump includes building of wall along the borders of US-Mexico. Strong Political statement made by Trump could affect the Economic growth of Mexico as they have major trading with America. Mexico, on the other hand is an emerging nation which could affect their economic growth to much extent. Several trade links will now be checked under category of legal and illegal. Mexico as a nation is largely dependent on US as their prime market for goods import and export and due to high taxation they now have to reduce their market.


A war like situation prevails upon the Middle East countries such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen. The major reason for such break is the rise of Terrorist group masked as religious extremist. US and its allies have taken steps to maintain peace in such countries but their is several disputes between them and common people are the ones who gets affected due to these fights. As a results several people were forced to move to other European countries as refugees. These conditions have led to vast Economic disrupt in countries like Syria and Yemen, no way these countries can stand strong again.


Central banks are an independent acting body which have always been helping countries who are below average Economic growth. Measures taken by central banks have always been found fruitful for weaker or poverty striven countries. For the first time central banks have indulge in fight with giants like US, UK and other European countries. Attack on Central banks also represents a risk to global markets and any such breakthrough at this stage of could result to crisis. Central Banks have been accused for providing support to Hilary Clinton during presidential election held recently.


US newly elected President Donald Trump as asked all its major companies to stop providing jobs to immigrants from other countries and thus could increase jobs stability for their US citizen. This major reform is sure to affect the Economic growth of several companies. At Silicon Valley companies such as Apple, IBM, Google, PayPal, Facebook, Microsoft etc, largely depend upon Indian and Chinese counterparts for growth and management.


Oil and Gas project around Middle East have been under major controls of America. Recently a project estimate worth of $1 trillion have been cancelled which actually is America’s policy to decline the oil prices at Global level. This breakthrough largely affected the Middle East countries as their main source of Economic Growth lies on sales of Oil at the global level.

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