Top 10 most expensive phones in world


Everything today is advancing and modifying. Things are becoming smaller as silicon chips make your world now exist in just a smart phone. With the entire world now revolving inside the smart phones, now the smart phones are the new necessary jewelry everyone is going crazy for.

With the entire fad now, even all of us almost have soul satisfying smart phones but there is always a better one outside and when that better comes with diamond and beautiful stones studded wrapped around all those precious metals all we can do is dream to have them once. One list of my favorite and most expensive smart phone is:


  • Rates up to $95.5 million.
  • Tops our expensive phone rank.
  • Made of 18 carat diamond.

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This is like the smart phone of the millennium. It is the most expensive phone and has one huge 18 carat diamond that gets every eye on it once it comes out. Have two colors blue and pink. Ranking as the most expensive phone in the world it is like the magnificently glowing crown in one’s hand. After this no introduction and jewelry needed.


  • Costs like $15.3 million.
  • Gold and many expensive stones are used in the body of this phone.


Being only two in number in the whole world this is the perfect definition of best in best. This is a beautiful and rarest phone in the world.


  • Costs up to $1.5 million.
  • Home button of this phone is made of diamond.
  • Made of pure gold and rose gold, so yellow and white in color it is a graceful beauty item.


This is the beauty which will make you feel like a king once you have it in your hand. Made of 6.6 carat diamond as home button this will surely make you feel like outside the box luxurious and being the third most expensive phone in our list it is a dare to dream product. Has 138 diamonds in its body making it graciously magnificent.


  • Price is $1.3 million in dollars.
  • Manufactured by great designer Emmanuel Gueit.
  • Made of pure white gold and diamonds.


This is the one of a kind as it got a Russian business man’s name registered in Guinness book for purchasing the most expensive mobile phone worth a million Euros in 2006. It is made of 18 carat pure solid white gold and has VVS1 graded diamonds studded each of 120 carats in it.


  • Its worth is $1.3 million.
  • Made up of a power encryption technology that abides your privacy and protects your information all secured and safe in it.
  • Made of pure and solid platinum and has 18 carat gold navigation key with 28 cut diamonds.
  • There are also 25.5 princess diamond decoration on the sides with 8 more diamond studded in this smart phone.


It is a beauty when it comes to the face and side of this smart phone and expensive and totally worth when it comes to it more than million dollar price. It is perfect for those who value beauty and are rich rare art lovers with sacred place for their privacy. With protecting all the data and information inside it, it magnificently flaunts its beauty with sparkling diamond shine outside.


  • Priced for $1 million.
  • Have studded bleach diamonds.
  • Made of bleach African wood which is about 200 years old and is as expensive as gold and diamonds.


This is a perfectly vintage and smart phone fusion Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot smart phone. Started as a million dollar price this smart phone is really brutal on budgets but the African 200 year old wood that is made of insures that every penny you pay on this one is accurately studded on your personality when you carry it. It has specifications, design and beauty that makes it enough diverse to give you the feel of a million dollar when you gamble on it.


  • Costs $310,000.
  • Made of 409 pure rubies and emeralds in shape of an eye.


This is like a master piece and as the name it has slides in the shape of a cobra. It is a beautiful and absolutely brilliant designed master piece, perfect for all those who have it and loves to flaunt it. The slides here also act as a special protective cover for this flattering smart phone. Being high on price and gorgeous on design it is perfect for high profile parties as this master piece will perfectly compliment you and your personality in there.

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  • Well this price for $300,000.
  • It is a SONY ERICSSON’s contribution.
  • Have poly-carbonate mirror, mirror detailing and organic LED technology.


This is a SONY product so be it any price, it will be always worth it. Also being a famous brand and this being a totally genuine smart phone it may be hard and harsh on wallets but the differential mirror technology it comes with and the claim that the screen of this phone is not to be challenged it can be a pick. There are two flattering diamond on this phone, in which one is the navigation button and the other is on the back of the phone’s body.


  • Costs up to $176,400.
  • Has 180 cut diamonds and 138 cut princess, all of premium quality.


Being the famous apple brand, this will be expensive as the quality and name they serve but being a girly with beauty and elegance this just made a costly hike with respect to many pockets. This also uses operating system instead of android and this is really a beauty plus profile designed by Peter Aloisson.


  • It is worth $88,300.
  • Handmade precisely not by machines and made of platinum.


Even though there are not very special features in this phone which are like very advanced but this phone is for the priceless ego carriers that like to keep something that is very special and very less. Being only 200 in number this phone is amazing fancy with the shiny diamond look.

So this was the top 10 most expensive phones of the world! Well now who is going to actually work to have any one of them?

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