Are you curious about swords? Do you know what different types of sword techniques the oldest people used? Do you know that there is such sword which is still not comparable to any tool till now? The very first sword is said to appear during the bronze age. It was found that this first sword was made up of copper and was uncovered at the Harappan sites, now situated in Pakistan. During the middle ages, iron and steel swords were commonly used in the battle. The swords were known by their manufacturers and their master, not for their unique abilities. The below article lists brief details the best top ten swords of the world.

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1. Joyeuse:

Joyeuse is the name of Charlemagne’s personal sword who was one of the greatest rulers in the world history and became the King of Franks in 768. Today there are only two swords attributed to Joyeuse. One of these Joyeuse is kept in the Weltliche Schatzkammer situated in Vienna while the other is sheltered ay the Louvre situated in France. The sword at Louvre is claimed to be made partially from the original sword of Charlemagne and also from parts from different centuries. After the death of Charlemagne, the sword is said to have been contrarily held by the Saint Denis Basilica and later on it was taken to Louvre, France.

2. Honjo Masamune:

Honjo Masamune is the sword of Masamune, who was a famous Japanese swordsmith and greatest metallurgist. Honjo Masamune represented the Shogunate during the Edo period of Japan. The sword was enrolled in the ritual of being passed down from one Shogun to another since generations. In 1939, the weapon was named as the national treasure in Japan. The last owner of Honjo Masamune is known to be Tokugawa lemmas. In December 1945 the Honjo Masamune along with 14 other swords was handed to a police station in Mejiro, Japan. Since the time of World War 2, Honjo Masamune has gone missing.

3. Zulfiqar Scimitar:

Zulfiqar is one of the ancient swords of Islamic leader Ali who rules over the Islamic Caliphate from 665 to 661. There are few conflicting images of the famous Zulfiqar Scimitar. Some sources have revealed that the sword has two parallel blades, resembling its speed and mystical abilities while some other different sources reveal that Zulfiqar Scimitar is the traditional shaped sword. According to the Twelver Shia, Zulfiqar Scimitar is kept in the possession of Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi and is part of famous collection al-Jafr. This collection of al-Jafr (al-Jafr is the Shia holy book) is passed down to generation to generations. One of the facts that make this sword mystical is that it is not available for public viewing and Zulfiqar Scimitar is said to be among the priceless artefacts.

4. Sword of the Mercy:

The sword of the Mercy is a famous sword which belongs to Edward the Confessor. Edward the Confessor was one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings of England who rules from 1042 to 1066. The sword of mercy was given the name Curtana in 1236 and since then it has been used for royal ceremonies. It was considered as the merciful gesture as the name suggests. The Sword of the Mercy is now a broken blade and the actual story behind it is yet not known. Today the Sword of the Mercy is the part of Crown Jewels of United Kingdom and is among the five swords used during the coronation of the British Monarch.


5. Napoleon’s Sword:

The famous, Napoleon Bonaparte carried a pistol and a sword on the battlefield. He was the owner of the collection of large and best arms and artillery. The sword used by the Napoleon Bonaparte was known as Napoleon’s sword. Shockingly, this sword was auctioned off in France for more than $6.4 million. There is a rumour that in early 1800’s, the sword was presented by Napoleon to his brother as a wedding gift. The swords were passed from generation to generation as a part of the family ritual. In 1978, the sword was declared as the national treasure in France and the winner of auction remained unidentified.

6. Tizona Sword:

Tizona Sword is the sword that was used by El Cid to fight against the Moors. El Cid was a successful military leader. He was also renowned as the chief general of the army of Alfonso VI and later became a Spanish hero. He was a very talented and skilled military strategist and strongest swordsman at that time. The Tizona Swords considered one of the Spain’s most cherished relics and is rumoured to be forged in Córdoba, Spain. Tizona Sword is currently put on display at Museo de Burgos in Spain.

7. Wallace Sword:

Wallace Sword is the sword of famous Scottish knight William Wallace who is renowned leader known for resisting against England during the Wars of Scottish Independence. William Wallace was also appointed as the Guardian of Scotland. Wallace Sword is one of the most swords of the world. The shaft of sword measures 4 feet by 4 inches in length and weighed around 2.7 kg. People believe that Wallace Sword was used at the battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 and Battle of Falkirk in 1298. Later in 1305, William Wallace was captured by king Edward I of England and was executed and after that Sir John de Menteith, governor of Dumbarton Castle received his sword. Today also the original master of the sword Willian Wallace is remembered in Scotland as a patriot and a national hero.

8. Seven-Branched Sword:

As the name suggests, the Seven-branched sword is a 74.9cm long iron sword with six branches like protrusions along the central blade. The sword was not made for battling purposes but to be used especially for ceremonial purposes. This sword was gifted to a king, Eastern Jin as a sign of praise. The sword resembles an important historical link and shows that a relationship did exist between the East Asian countries at that time. The original seven-branched sword is housed in the Isonokami Shrine in Nara Prefecture of Japan and is concealed from the public.

9. Curved Saber of the San Martin:

Curved Saber of the San Martin is one of the most cherished possession of Jośe de San Martín. This was a curved sword that was purchased from London because of the fact that this weapon was manoeuvrable and ideal for battle. The curved sword was possessed by San Martín until his death and after which it was passed down to General de la Republica Argentina, Don Juan Manuel de Rosas.

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10. Tomoyuki Yamashita:

This was Tomoyuki Yamashita’s personal sword that was made by famous sword maker Fujiwara Kanenaga during the period 1640-1680. Tomoyuki Yamashita was the general Japanese Imperial Army during World War 2 and was known to conquer British colonial of Malaya and Singapore. Later he was renowned as the “Tiger of Malaya”. This sword was known as Samurai Sword and was surrendered by General Yamashita along with his army in 1945. It was taken by General MacArthur and today it is housed at the West Point Museum in a great collection of military arms.