Whenever you hear the word Sleep, a peaceful and relaxed experience stimulates in your mind, especially to those who have heavy loads of work in life. After a long day hard work, a good sleep can relax and refreshed you to again boom your performance. Here are some cool facts that you need to know about your body when you sleep. The human body is constantly working, sorting, repairing and refreshing while you are sleeping.


1. Dreams:

Who not loves watching good dreams? Sometimes dream become a part of life and then people look over to change their dream into reality. But here is the most important question, why do we dream? Every night when we sleep, our body falls unconscious, your brain comes across your imaginations that exist in you unconscious mind which you think is real. When you woke up and gain consciousness, almost all of the boom vanishes in no time. Dreams are something that can never be avoided, even if you want to.

Scientists are still trying to figure the actual need of dreams in our body apart from other benefits of sleeping like long-term memory strengthening, increased secretarial work or flushing of brain toxins.

2. Brain Cleansing:

While we are awake, it’s natural for the body to accumulate toxins and other waste products throughout the cells of the brain and body. While sleeping rest part of body shuts down and the only brain is continuously working. While sleeping brain works to allow a fluid called cerebrospinal fluid to flow from your spine into the brain, rinsing the tissues and removing all the toxins from it. This cleansing is a part of a process known as cellular respiration. Cellular respiration is a series of reactions that help cells to create energy from nutrients and keep the body running. The toxins which get cleaned while sleeping is leftover from this process. This cleansing is a part of all organs in the body but is most effectively noticeable in the brain. You may experience this when you have inadequate sleep.

3. Lose Weight:

You may have experienced many of time that when you wake up you find that you are very thirsty. This is because of the fact that your body loses more than 0.5 kg of water to the surrounding air while sleeping. The air you breathe while sleeping gets contracted as it cools down draining the moisture out of the body.

4. Brain Uses More Energy:

The major energy produced by the body is used by various physical activities such as movements, speaking and other physical activities. While asleep this energy is straightway diverted to the brain. This means that brain energy consumption is much higher in certain stages of sleep.

5. Body Spasms:

It natural for everyone to experience jerks while asleep. Our body gets paralysed for the time we are sleeping in order to protect our body from acting out with our dreams. The jerks hyping jerks that most people experience is because of the fact that body is either physically asleep but not awake. It is also possible that there is a certain time delay between the brain sending the message to relax and the nervous system getting the message. Scientists are still working to figure out the actual fact and some suggest that hyping jerks are one of the few reminders of the complex processes that occur while we are sleeping. Sometimes these jerks are violent enough to wake up a person.

6. Sleepwalking:

Walking while sleeping is not common. According to a survey by a renowned magazine, around 30% of the general population has sleepwalked at least once in their lifetime. Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder in which the brain is in a semiconscious state, performing walking or even driving while sleeping. This issue can be very dangerous especially for kids. Some research traces show that sleepwalking is a genetic disorder.

7. Stretching:

Our body experiences regular downwards pressure on the spine due to gravity. This causes the fluid to drain out between you vertebral discs and you actually shrink up by 1 cm by the end of the day. When you complete you sleep requirements, all you this is relived back into the joints connections and permits the body to re-expand. This is the actual reason why the children and adolescents grow while sleeping.

8. Paralysis:

Ever experienced that while sleeping you have a nightmare and you found that you could not scream or act out? This can be terrifying but it is quite natural and known as ‘sleep paralysis’. This paralysis keeps you from acting out all your dreams in real life. During REM sleep in which people dream, the brain blocks neurotransmitters and receptors in muscles, paralysing your body to act.

9. Blood Pressure and Core Temperature Drop:

Just after the 30 minutes, you fall asleep, your body being to lower the temperate of the body. This occurs to slow down your metabolism so that you can fall asleep without going hungry. This lower down in metabolism reduces the heart rate as well as blood pressure of the body.



10. Filing Away Memories:

Humans have the active ability to do something and remember them as memories which are stored in the brain. During sleeping, our brain replays the events of the day and store them in brain’s long-term memory. On the same time, brain discards unnecessary memories. This storing of memories is limitless and importantly certain memories are unforgettable for life. Most of these memories consolidate during one of the deepest parts of sleep.