A man with a gun in his hand isn’t as dangerous as the gun itself. If this description made your heart pump faster, then wait till you read further about the top guns present in the world. Ever since the evolution of weapons, guns have always been the top choice of weapon. And since the inception of guns, they have continued to become superior and dangerous. So let’s get to know the top 10 guns in the world.

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Fabrique Nationale FN FAL sits at top of our list of guns. The gun originated in Belgium and is quite enormous in length. At 43 inches for FAL 50.00 fixed stock, the gun is certainly bulky and sturdy, if unspectacular. FN FAL became a popular assault rifle back in the 20th century during the Cold War and it is even used now by armed forces of many countries. The gun offers 7.62mm round and has an effective range of 700-800 meters which can be further improved by sight adjustments. The FN FAL can also be modified according to the needs. It can be turned into a squad light machine gun, a combat rifle, or even a sniper! The gun’s accuracy, durability, and flexibility make it one of the deadliest guns in the world.

2. M2HB 50-Caliber Machine Gun

Popularly known as “The Fifty” or “Ma Deuce”, this gun is still going strong in her 90s. The gun originated in the USA in 1919 and the design still survives and thrives in the 21st century. The gun has a .50 caliber and shoots about 550 rounds per minute. From ship defense, infantry weapon to primary air to air weapon, this gun offers a wide range of uses. The maximum range of this gun is an enormous 6800 meters, shooting down its targets accurately from well over a mile.

3. Stoner AR-15

There are many popular variants available for this gun, such as the M4, M-16, and the AR-15. The gun originated in the USA and has an effective range of about 500 meters. Interestingly, all the variants of the gun have the same design and even the same parts too. But what differs is the attachment, which can make it fire automatically as used in the military or a semi-automatic like an assault-style rifle.

4. Heckler and Koch HK416 Assault Rifle

The HK416 is a powerful German assault rifle that offers better reliability and accuracy. This gun is ranked among the most dangerous all seasons guns. It has a winter trigger guard that allows operating the gun even while wearing gloves. The gun is ideal for short-stroke since it’s effective range is about 300 meters only but what makes it lethal is it’s 900 rounds per minute firing rate.


5. XM307 ACSW Advanced Heavy Machine Gun

XM307 ACSW (Advanced Crew Served Weapon) is one powerful grenade launcher machine gun. Designed by the US Army, the gun is equipped with the smart shell capacity. Despite being a grenade launcher, the gun is lightweight and two men can operate it. The effective range of the gun is an incredible 2000 meters with a firing rate of 260 rounds per minute. The gun is so powerful that it can even destroy a watercraft, helicopters, and vehicles as far as a kilometer away.

6. FN F2000 Assault Rifle

The FN F2000 is also manufactured by the leading Belgium firearms manufacturer Fabrique Nationale. FN F2000 is a totally automatic, gas operated assault rifle. The gun was revealed in IDEX, held in Abu Dhabi in 2001. It has a firing range of 500 meters and a 5.56mm caliber. The gun is capable of firing 850 rounds in a single minute. This gun is billed as the next generation weapons system with its modular design as the key selling feature.

7. Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle

The AS50 sniper or anti-material rifle is the newest development of the famous British company Accuracy International. The gun excels in accuracy and can hit the bull’s eye at a long range with its 12.7mm caliber and 1800 meters effective range. The AS50 can be used with both regular ammunition and with explosive rounds that can easily uproot a 2-ton jeep.

8. Thompson M1921 Submachine Gun

Originated in the USA, the Thompson M1921 is one of the most lethal guns with a very high firing rate. The gun fires a .45 ACP round at 1500 rounds per minute with an effective range of 150 meters. This “Tommy Gun” is highly popular among gun lovers since the World War II and has still maintained its popularity among the users. The gun has even earned the title of “The Chicago Typewriter” due to its brisk firing speed. Though the gun is slightly difficult to control with its rapid fire speed, it remains one of the most extensively used submachine guns across the world.

9. Heckler and Koch HK MG4 Machine Gun

The mind behind this amazing weapon is the German company Heckler and Koch. Though the gun was designed in the 1990s, it did not come to the markets until 2001. This light machine gun is belt fed and has a caliber of up to 5.56 mm. With an effective range of 1000 meters and firing rate of 770 rounds per minute, the possibilities of a torn up town is at high risk with this gun.

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10. Kalashnikov AK-47 Assault Rifle

If you haven’t heard the name “AK-47” ever in your life, then guns are not your things. Counted among the most powerful guns in the world, the AK-47 was created in the Soviet Union. It is by far the most-used weapon in the world. If the numbers are to be believed, over 100 million of AK-47 have been sold since its inception. Despite a low firing range of just 350 meters, the reason behind its huge popularity is its power, durability, ease of use, and low price. You do not require any special skills set to operate the AK-47.

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