Top 10 Highest Paid Professions


You source of earnings are solely dependent on your profession. In today’s modern era the growth of emerging market phenomenon has established a vivid commodity growth. In terms of economics, money is defined in terms of net worth of a person in value of his assets owned net of all liabilities. So here are the highest paid professions of the world

1) Chief Executive Officers (CEO)

CEO or Chief Executive Officers is one of the respectable jobs in the world. A CEO is an in charge which deals with the day to day tasks of management and serving a company or organization with major decisions. An average annual salary is around £85000-86000 Their major roles of an CEO normally includes:

  • Making decisions over production.
  • Working on new ideas of improvement.
  • Modeling and setting companies ethnic values.

2) Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers

Being Flight engineer it’s all about flying high in the sky because your jobs on board flights is to check the instruments on long-haul and major engine components of the aircraft. An average annual salary lies between £84000-85000

  • Checking of the plane before take-off to make sure it’s safe to fly. This could involve checking whether fluids are leaking and the tyre are properly inflated or not.
  • Submitting flight reports – The reports are written in specified formats to show what detailed venture of each flight and suggestions if any improvements need to be made to the plane.

3) Air Traffic Controllers

Air traffic controllers are well known for working in control towers at airports. An average annual salary of this profession lie between £79000-80000. Air traffic Controllers responsible for following aspects:

  • Maintaining radio and radar contact with aircraft
  • Serving information to aircraft about the weather conditions
  • Handling unexpected events, emergencies and unscheduled traffic

4) Transport Associate Professional

Transport controllers have their role in control rooms at workstations. They are responsible for the en-routing stage of the traffic, using CCTV to locate its exact position and thus keeping it safe to travel on land. An average annual salary of this profession lie between £ 75000-75000. Task of an transport associate are:

  • Keeping track and directing the radio, radar and CCTV footage.
  • Instructing to climb or descend and allocating final cruising level.

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5) Marketing and Sales Directors

A Marketing and Sales Director is responsible for developing overall sales and marketing strategy of the company. Today every industry any sector spends a pays a good amount of salary to these directors which ensure the growth the the company. The defined role is to oversee the sales department, and implement innovative sales strategies. An average annual salary of this profession lie between £69000-70000.

6) Legal Professions

Legal Professions includes the study of legal procedures under the stated law and order. There is price worthy need for legal professionals in different sectors and people who choose a career in law have to first earn a law degree under recognized legal education. One of such example of legal profession is Common Law Jurisdictions. An average annual salary of this profession lie between £68000-69000.

7) Information Technology and Telecommunication Directors

The prime role of Director of IT is to oversee and supervise the development, implementation, and effective use of technology. Areas of responsibility include the full range of information systems and telecommunications activities. Other principal working relationships in this profession includes the Executive staff, Chief and supervising attorneys, all system users, vendors and the consultancy services.An average annual salary of a professional lie between £65000-68000.

8) Brokers

A Broker is an individual person who manages deals between a buyer and a seller and charges a good commission after the successful completion of the deal. Basically a broker acts as an intermediate between a seller and a buyer. Being a broker means having a deep knowledge of market and various requirements of the people around. An average annual salary of an broker lies between £66000-67000.

9) Senior Police Officers

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Senior Police Officers supervises the working of other police officers including security officer and plays an important role in leading the staff. The major role is to maintain state and federal laws and rules and regulations in order to protect life and property in a society. An average annual salary of SPO lies between £60000-62000.

10) Financial Managers and Directors

The financial assets of the company are supervised by financial managers and directors. Their major role is to formulate financial reports, which steer the investment activities, strategies, plans and executes all the major financial decisions of the organization. An average annual salary of this profession lies between £60000-61000.

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