Top 10 most hottest actress in world


When it comes to hotness there are many but when we talk about the top 10 the list gets hot itself with the names of these all time hot and hotter actress. Being the top in the world, all of these beautiful hotties have a great name in their acting or modeling careers and have earned their name and fame well till now. So based on the male and fan follow list, here are the top 10 most hottest actress in the world:



Being a French actress this hottie has earned it all by her and made top place in our list of top 10 most hottest actress in the world. She is told to be the sexiest woman alive can explain her hotness well and getting an Oscar for her French movie, “La Vie en rose” explains her acting well. Started by “Inception”, she never made a callback and was featured in movies like “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Public Enemies” and “Midnight in Paris”. She is the first and will be for a time along.

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She is the hot woman that has dual citizenship, one of America and other of Israeli. She is counted as one of the hottest and beautiful woman alive and is appreciated for her work and beauty both. Won an Oscar for her movie, “Black Swan” in 2011 she was known stone for her acting and being a model explains all her hotness ever since. She is also known for her work in “Thor”, “Closer”, “V for Vendetta” and “No Strings Attached”.



This actress is known for her acing and hotness from her movies like “Black Swan”, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Friends with Benefits”. Beautiful Milena “Mila” Markovna Kunis was born to a Jewish family in Ukraine. Ever since them and now, Mila has been one of the hot and hotter.



Ever one in this world knows the name, “Magan Fox”. Known for her hotness and acting this famous actress has made it all clear by her movies like “The Transformers” and “Jennifer’s Body”. Started at 2001 and 26 now this sensational hottie is like known and appreciated by one and all.



Born in New York, she is beautifully hottest actress is 27 now and still is considered as the hotness that is only personified by time. Having  a long huge male fan list, Scarlett entered the hot list along her acting with movies like “The Avengers”, “The Prestige”, “Barcelona”, “Vicky Cristina” and “The Iron Man”. Known as one of the sexiest and hottest actress, she has been nominated 4 times for Golden Globes and has portrayed many breathtaking action roles. She is a well known actress, singer and hot shot model.



Pomona born and known as sexiest and most beautiful hottest actress, she rules both television and movies along. Acting since 13 in “Camp Nowhere” and “The Secret World of Alex Mark”, she proved her acting skill and was included in many prominent magazines as the hottest actress. Also maintain her S.X.Symbol all the way this actress has done movies like “Fantastic Four”, “Machete” and “Sin City” and has been loved for them. She is also known for her role in the TV show “Dark Angel”.



Named the most beautiful and sexiest actress like a thousand times this actress never sheds her charisma ever. This Oscar winning actress is well known and praised for her acting by roles in movies like “Lara Croft” series and many other movies. Being a charity worker and helping lots she has touched and won many hearts along with her beautiful and adorable looks.



She is one of the Hollywood actress that is known as the sex symbol and sexiest actress and model. Being a South African, she is very gorgeous and beautiful as she lives her 40s lively. Winning an Oscar for her “Monster” movie defines her acting career well along with her movies like “The Devil’s Advocate”, “Mighty Joe Young” and “The Italian Job”. Aging like wine this actress is amazing and excellent along with hot and beautiful.

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She is the one who began her acting as a child member of the Valley Youth Theatre in Phoenix. And as the time rolled by so did her acting skill along with beauty and hotness personifying. She also made her debut from Kenneth Grahame production movie “The Wind in the Willows”. Appeared in many more movies at the age of only 15, this girl proved herself an actress long long ago. She has also been a cast member of the famous TV series drive and finally made her movie debut by “Superbad” a comedy hit.



Full name Olivia Jane Wilde, this is one of the finest, sexiest and hottest actress in Hollywood. Done numerous televisions hit shows and commercial she proved her acting well and good. The “Wilde” in her name is taken from the famous author “Oscar Wilde”. This hottie is also known as the PETA sexiest celebrity for the year 2010. Her acting hits include “The ChangeUp”, “Tron Legacy” and “In Time”. She is not only confined to acting but is well known as a model, producer and director. Also featured in movies like “The Girl Next Door”, “The Longest Week” and “Drinking Buddies” she has proved herself well enough in Hollywood.

So this was our list of top 10 hottest beauties from the world. Being the hottest this are known for their work and looks and as the time goes these beauties have conquered even more. Some of them have mastered more subjects like singing, directing and producing and some are known for their charity all around the world. Sexiest and hottest and smartest these actresses have proved their way over the population and shined themselves on the top. Being more than beauties they have shaped themselves perfectly well for their roles to reach respectable nominations and some have won Oscars for their talents. Hope this was as interesting to see as it was to search.

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