Top 10 Laziest Countries


We all are lazy deep down inside and when it comes to activeness, we all find ourselves as the laziest beings in the world. A recent research on human movement from Stanford University based on an average number of daily steps walked by citizens of country shows which countries are most active and which ones are trailing behind. Did you ever consider your country to be lazy? If you see your country in the below list of top 10 laziest countries, make sure to step it up!

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1. Indonesia

Sorry people of Indonesia, but your country has been ranked the laziest country in the world. People in Indonesia average a mere 3513 steps a day, which is nearly half of what people walk in Hong Kong, the world’s most active country. Indonesians are known to take things slow and have a laid back attitude. Probably it’s time to ditch that attitude and promote some physical activity in this country.

2. Saudi Arabia

Considering the fact that the scorching heat in this region pretty much kills all the urge to step out and be active, you can only imagine how tough it would be to work with the sun blazing down on you in this desert country. The civil servants in Saudi Arabia work only an hour a day and only limited jobs are available for women to do. This only adds to the laziness of the country. Sitting 2nd in the list, the people of Saudi Arabia walk an average of 3807 steps per day.

3. Malaysia

Residents of Malaysia walk an average of just 3963 steps in a day. The fact that Malaysia is known to be a paradise food lovers, people probably don’t even want to step out of the restaurants here. Any food lover wouldn’t! People of Malaysia also doesn’t seem to be concerned much about work and would rather love to play than to try and find a real work!

4. Philippines

With luxurious beaches and mountains packed with beautiful nature and friendly locals, it’s a wonder people in the Philippines don’t go for swims and treks more often. People in Philippines average around 4008 steps a day. A low wage and poor health and safety regulations are other reasons why Filipinos choose to stay at home rather than work.

5. South Africa

Right at the tip of Africa, this country ranks 5th most lazy country in the world with its residents walking an average of 4105 steps a day. Despite having impressive teams in football, rugby, cricket, and more, only God knows why they’re too lazy to work! A significant portion of South Africa consists of various vineyards and wineries. That should also explain why the South Africans are not much interested in working.

6. Qatar

The petroleum based economy makes Qatar the richest country in the world. Qatar’s inclusion in this list proves that happiness or not, money can surely guarantee that you never have to get up and do your work! Yes, why would you want to work when you have others working for you? The residents of Qatar walk an average of 4158 steps in a day.

7. Brazil

Looks like the active lifestyle in Brazil is only for footballers. The people in Brazil walk an average of 4289 steps in a day. Corruption, lack of infrastructure, high taxes, and bureaucracy are huge problems in Brazil and are probably the main reasons why Brazilians find it hard to get employment. But people of Brazil are working hard to get around them and things may change in near future.

8. India

Indians are known to be avoid anything that works up a sweat. While the time is changing quickly in India, people here are probably too overwhelmed to keep up with the momentum while sipping their tea. Even a recent study showed that Indians would prefer to take a cab rather than walk, even if the distance is 100m! No wonder India is among world’s laziest, averaging just 4297 steps in a day.

9. Egypt

When you have the places like the Great Pyramids to chill at, who even thinks of activity, right! Probably this is the reason why so many modern Egyptians are fat and lazy. Other conditions such as a high population and low employability rates also contribute to the fact that Egypt is the 9th most lazy country in the world. The residents of Egypt walk and average of 4315 steps in a day.

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10. Greece

Once famous for its great philosophers and mathematicians, Greece probably owes its inactivity and laziness to political and economic conditions more than anything else. Anyway, why would anyone even want to work when they aren’t being paid? With debts increasing day by day, Greece is still not producing enough to meet the requirements of the country’s citizens. The Greeks walk an average of 4350 steps in a day.

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