Top 10 leaders in the World


In this world, sometimes people who have a different elegance and ability to impress whole lot of other people are born. Because of their sheer charisma and sheer presence, these people used their talent for good things which has always been a nature debate. Here is a list of top 10 leaders of all time given below:

  • George Washington– Till date, he is among one of the greatest leader in the world who was known as the Founding Father of United States of America. He started the American Revolution and he is the first President of USA who led the country during first few years of Independence. He had an important vision for America which led him to make America a superpower today. During difficult times, his obstinacy, constancy and his ability to make decisions made him a great leader. He also led many people to attain success.


  • Martin Luther King Jr– It is all started with dream like it always does. He dreams for change and a dream for building a better tomorrow. He was an activist and a leader in the civil rights movement of USA. He is known for all the non-violent ways in which he was progressive and led the civil rights movement. He showed the people a click of perfect future where all men are equal and also fought for racial equality. He also won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.


  • Abraham Lincoln– He is a man to lead a country during its bad times with a great vision. He became the 16th President of USA and led the country through the US Civil War. Today, America would have been divided into many smaller countries but he worked hard and tried his best to keep the people of the country together. He ended slavery in the U.S. by signing Emancipation Proclamation. He felt humanity pain for which he could not did anything. Some skills like conviction, humility and oratory skills made him one of the greatest leaders.

abraham lincoln

  • Mao Zedong– He is also among one of the leaders who made a change to any particular place. Likely, he was the founder of People’s Republic of China, presents China and was the leader of Chinese Revolution. He ruled as an autocrat and became the Chairman of the Communist Party of India from its establishment in 1949 until his death in 1976. He raises the economy of China and confidential invasion of Japan and helped it in becoming the super power today. The military strategies, political policies,ideologies and principles of governance and economics given by him are now known as Maoism.


  • Adolf Hitler– Most of the people agree and disagree with his evidence that a man like him is a great leader but it is important to know although his actions and deeds were not fine but his leadership skills were comparable with few ones in the world. In 1933, he became the chancellor of Germany and rising through the ranks and enraged a war. The credit of his oratory skills, military expansions and economic growth plans are acquired by him and him only. The accurate planning, promulgation and Strategies adopted by Hitler shape the power politics of the world.


  • Mahatma Gandhi– The birth name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, further known as the Father of the Nation called as ‘Bapu’. He led India against the repressive control of the Britishers. He always practised Ahimsa or Non Violence and fought silently. He believed in truth and only truth shall overcome and without harming a soul, he got freedom to India. Civil Disobedience Movement, Boycott of foreign goods had shown his resistance towards the British.


  • Nelson Mandela– This great man is ever known man. He was the first democratically President of South Africa. He was the leader and the face of the Anti- Apartheid movement and he interminably fought against racial discrimination throughout his whole life. He prepared for a long prison sentence for his actions; even it did not hinder him. He led his country to free and equal future by leading as a hero. He is very determined, focused and will-power was exceptional and even after serving for almost 30 years in prison, he came out and worked again.


  • Napoleon Bonaparte– Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power after the French revolution which overcomes the monarchy. He was a renowned military leader. He was a person who knew that bigger numbers did not mean bigger strength always. He was ingenious and insidious. Larger armies had known to be elated by his small armies. In many places, The Napoleonic Code of Legal Reforms formed by him is in use till date. He became famous by his unique military leadership and also ruled and influenced France for many years.


  • Franklin D Roosevelt– Franklin Roosevelt popularly known as the FDR, was an American statesman. He became a political leader at the time of worst years popularly said ‘The Great Depression’. He was impaired with Polio at the age of 29 and also he was left paralyzed by both the legs. In 1933, he went on for becoming the President an also elected continuously for four consecutive years until he died in 1945. He also made America rose to power by leading American Military into World War 2. Every true leader has some characteristics longing to never stop is acquired by him via his political knowledge.


  • Julius Caesar– He can be said as a genius to the very least. Julius Caesar was a Roman military Commander. His role is very critical in the death of Roman Republic and led to the rise of the strong Roman Empire. He was very quick and shrewd on the battlefield. He also prepared some strategies and a new plan for the expansion of the empire. He conquered almost all Western Europe with the help of his political finesse.

julius ceser


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