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Top 10 Mind Blowing Playgrounds

Gone are the days when kids used to play on those rickety seesaws, slick burning slides on sunny days or super fast merry-go-rounds. To be honest, those playgrounds were sort of boring and terrible for kids. Kids these days want to indulge in a diverse range of playground activities which is also important to keep kids active, healthy and develop their motor skills. While most playgrounds have traded fun and learning for boring activities, there are still some places where kids can experience the unburdened joy of childhood. Here are top 10 mind blowing playgrounds from across the world.


1. Bounce Below (Wales) 

Bounce Below is a Welsh playground which is just as weird but vastly different from other playgrounds. Believe it or not, Bounce Below was once an old slate mine which was later transformed into an underground fun place for both kids and adults. The place has giant trampolines and bouncy nets connected by walkways and slides and has different levels with the highest chamber being 180 feet above the floor. Bounce Below has also introduced a new kids’ experience that is designed for young ones especially 3 to 6 years old.

2. Preston’s H.O.P.E. Playground Park (Ohio) 

Preston’s H.O.P.E. Playground in Beachwood, Ohio is a special playground that was designed keeping differently abled kids in the mind so that kids of all abilities can play here. Spread across 1.5 acres of land, this privately funded playground can be accessed by anyone and features play village, make-believe playhouses and much more. There is also an amphitheater, a sand-water play area, pavilions and gaming areas for kids of all ages to play and if you think that your child may get lost in for hours while in the playground, then don’t worry because there are also adjacent basketball and tennis courts for parents who would want a more mature play experience.

3. New York Hall of Science Playground (New York) 

Every parent would love a playground that not only allows their kids to have a fun time, but also allows them to explore motion, balance, and simpler machines. That’s what the 60,000-square-foot wide New York Hall of Science Playground is designed to do. Kids can even play with water works, windpipes, giant climbing nets, metal drums and of course learn the physics behind it all.

4. Neptune Park (Utah) 

Neptune Park is a 30-foot-tall climbing pyramid for kids which opened in 2012 in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Its designers boast it to be the largest play pyramid in the western hemisphere which in fact is true. If you are worried about the safety of your kids scaling a pyramid that is taller than most two-story homes, don’t be. The structure is equipped with safety netting that ensures no one drops more than 6 feet should they fall.

5. Brooklyn’s Playground (Pocatello, Idaho)

Brooklyn’s Playground in Pocatello, Idaho is another playground that addresses the needs of children with disability. If all the other kids are having fun, then why leave behind children with special needs? The playground is fun for all kids regardless of their limitations and offers plenty of play activities such as large castle-like structures and swings.

6. Blackberry Farm Adventure Playground (Aurora, Illinois) 

This playground teaches children everything about farming which they need to know in a funny and interesting way. The playground is based on the concept of farming and features a train, hay waggon, paddle tractors and boats, ponies and also resembles a working farm so that the kids can learn where the food comes from. The park is a huge attraction in Illinois and a must-see for any parent who wants to teach their rowdy kids something of a good value.

7. Imagination Playground (New York City) 

As the name suggests, Imagination Playground in the New York City is designed especially to enhance the power of imagination of kids in a fun way. Unlike most of the playgrounds where kids play with water, sand, and slides, here, kids can make their own fun by stacking, connecting, and moving the abstractly shaped blue blocks into new playful things.

8. Osteria ai Pioppi (Battaglia, Italy) 

The Osteria ai Pioppi is a top most attraction in the region just because the playground is built and incorporated into the natural environment. The main reason to build this playground for the Italian restaurateur Bruno Ferrin was to draw more customers to his family restaurant but no one expected the result to be a lovely playground surrounded by a lot of shades and trees. The playground features more than 50 rides and amazingly, you will often spot adults sliding down the slides with or without their kids.

9. Wallholla (Netherlands) 

Wallholla playground is designed to accommodate a large number of kids in a limited amount of space. It was originally used for a school in the Netherlands but now is rated among the best playgrounds of the world. The structure is now even sold in the US too. The shortage of space does make the playground look like an ant farm but it also packs ribbon-like platforms with hosts ropes, climbing rocks and slides that run throughout a wire mesh cage and 30 kids can climb in, out, and around at a time.


10. Woodland Discovery Playground (Memphis, Tennessee) 

Woodland Discovery playground is touted to be the playground of the future where kids have to look for opportunities to slide, climb, scramble, run, swing, build and discover as per the designers of the playground. The playground is located within the woods and is separated into sections with slides, tree houses, climbing nets, and more, all connected by a walkway covered in leaves.