Top 10 most common Indoor Games

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With the increasing gadgets and technologies, the children are drawn towards their homes instead of a playground for the excursion. This has also resulted in people, getting inclined towards Indoor games. This article will help you know which game is better for you.

There are many Indoor games that have attracted the interests of people, around the globe. It is not wrong to say that these players have a good crowd to cheer and many followers as well. So, after knowing all these things the best list, of Top 10 most common Indoor games are as below:

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1. Basketball:

It is the game that is played worldwide and has been loved by people throughout the world from a very long time now. It has a reputation as good as being the most popular Indoor game in the world and the second best after soccer. Not only playing basket ball but even watching it is very thrilling, the moves like, dribbling, passing, rebounding and blocking. This game has a lot of health benefits and demands a lot of physical work.

2. Swimming:

Another game that needs a lot of fitness and is a game which will keep you up to the mark when it comes to fitness. It is a very great recreational activity which includes a lot of ways of making your way through the water. When you are learning this sport, use all the help you can get to master the skill of floating. It keeps your body’s blood circulation well and builds endurance.

3. Boxing:

A game known to many, played in a square ring includes packing punches on your opponent. Boxing is a game played between 2 players at a time, wherein they try hitting the other person harder and score more. The boxers have a pair of boxing gloves which is most used equipment. People having an issue with their anger problem can channelize is in a better and a positive way. One more important thing to remember in boxing is self-defense. Without which you will be left in a hazardous condition.

4. Volleyball:

A team game which includes 6 players in each team. Only two teams play a game at one time. It has a high net and with that, the player keeps their spirits to the top.  Basic things that are included in this game are jumping, diving, and squatting. This is a very coordinating game, in which you have to have a very good coordination amongst all your team mates. This game improves the hand-eye coordination to a great extent.

5. Chess:

A pure mind game which requires 2 players at a time. It is the best game to give your brain a regular exercise. You have a black and white board, and there are your players like pawns, king, queen, knight, etc. You have to defend your king on the chess board. The person who beats the king of the other player wins. Chess is called as the war over the board.

6. Badminton:

A game which is played indoor between 2 players or 4 players a time. This game is when played by 2 players is called as singles, and when there are 4 players, it is called as doubles. A racket and a shuttle are the most important equipment in this game. Badminton is a very friendly game and can be played with friends and family for leisure.


7. Table tennis:

It is a game played on a table which is parted into two halves. Both the halves are assigned to both the players playing the game. Many people play this game across the world. Moreover, many have this game as their profession and earn their livelihood and fame through this game. There are a tennis bat and a light weighted ball. If you are energetic and have interest in making your future in this game, then you can invest here for sure. This game helps a person to get a good amount of flexibility and increases the efficiency of your reflexes.

8. Bowling:

A game which is played for fun and is almost played everywhere for the same is a very fun game. Bowling is a game which involves a ball and a group of pins. We have to roll the ball on a lane and knock the group of pins. We get scores according to the pins that get flushed. When you don’t hit the pins at all, it is a gutter ball and when you hit all of them, it is a spare.

9. Squash:

A game played in a closed room, where in you have to hit the ball with a smaller racket and the ball is made up of rubber. Try not getting hit by the ball, trust me if you do, it will hurt badly. In this game, you have to hit the ball in a manner where your opponent will skip it. This will give you an upper hand.

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10. Snooker:

A classic game, which includes a lot of skills and talent over a table. Snooker is a highly rated game, played by royal people since the time it was created. People who play this game were used to be the elite family.

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