Top 10 most expensive whiskies in the world


Enjoying a glass or two of whiskey is the best ways to enjoy a day or at the end of a day. Vigorous and reclining, whiskey is an infused alcoholic beverage created out of a evaporated grain crushed. Although different types of grain can be used such as barley, corn, oats or wheat, all of these are aged to evolution in wooden piped, generally made of burned white oaks.

Here is a list of top 10 most expensive whiskies in the world:

1) Macallan – since 1946, Price: $460,000- In 2010, at an auction the bottle of single malt whiskey in a Lalique Cire Perdue Decanter was sold with the proceedings going for charity. It was made with a peated malt and this whiskey is amazing because of proscriptive prices of coal that rose up due to World War 2. This is usual Macallan and one of the best released ever.


2) Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve – since 1955, Price: $94,000-Glenfiddich had a pipe of Scotch Whiskey that has been fading from New Year’s Eve of 1955. When the granddaughter of Glenfiddich’s founder William Grant, Janet Sheed Robert passed away at the age of 110, the company had decided to to honour the 15 bottles from the required pipe. Four of them were kept by the family for themselves whereas the rest were auctioned. An expert of whiskey from Atlanta bought one from these for $94,000. For its floral, fruity ad sweet taste, this whiskey is renowned.


3) Macallan – since 1925, Price: $75,000- This one is the rarest and oldest collection in Macallan. It was infused in 1926 and conserved in 1986 only. 40 bottles were produced of that quality only. The single malt union is dry and robust as no water has been added in it. Its colour reflects that it is of type of old barrel. In 2005, this bottle was borrowed by a businessman belonging from South Korea.

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4) Dalmore62 Single Highland Malt Scotch Matheson – Price: $58,000- This is a mixture of four single malt whiskies that were infused in different years. In 1942, 12 bottles were made only each of them has given a unique name but in relevance to the Dalmore Estate. The most expensive one was the Matheson, named after the owner of the estate, Alexander Matheson. An unidentified borrower has bought it in 2005.


5) Glenfiddich – since 1937, Price: $20,000- This one is also from the rare collection of Glenfiddich. In 1937, it was infused in the plant of Scotland established by company. The pipe was then opened and the whiskey came into bottle in 2001. 61 bottles of this type were made only. This whiskey is rich in walnut colour, nevertheless it has reminders of cedar, cloves, cinnamon and toffee. In 2006, this bottle was bought at a charity auction in New York.


6) Macallan – 55 Year old, Price: $12,500- This whiskey was infused with a sherry oak pipe and its age turns 55 years. It was made by Rene Lalique in 1910, this single malt whiskey was bottled into Lalique Crystal Decanter. The drink has a dark rosewood colour that manifested a nice smell that was similar to smell of peat smoke and dried fruits which are sweet in taste.


7) Dalmore– 50 Year Old, Price: $11,000- It is one of the best whiskies made in the last 50 years and a much sought after drinking the taste of all over the world. In 1920, this was infused first. Again in 1978, only 60 bottles were produced that time. Crystal Decanters were made in these bottles. It also has some spice and fills with zest on tasting it.

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8) Glenfarclas – since 1955, Price: $10,878- John Grant bought Glenfarcles infusive in Ballindolach in Scotland from Robert Hay in 1985. This time, whiskey was running from 29 years. It was built in honour to the man who started his business in 1955, for celebrating his ancestor’s birthday.


9) Macallan – since 1939, Price: $10,125- In 1939, Macallan comes from an infusive collection of rare and fine collection. Macallan is known for producing a very strong collection of whiskies. It is available very widely and a lot more inexpensive.


10) Chivas Regal Royal Salute – 50 Years Old, Price: $10,000- In 2002, for celebrating the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 2, this whiskey is released by Chivas Regal. In 1952, this whiskey was laid in a pipeline and existing for 50 years.ea67bd013b00740f43efaa393c6afdb7


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