Top 10 most Innovative Apps


Now it is the time to know about the top 10 innovative apps in the world from the list of 100 apps. These 10 apps are changing the way of living by changing the way to communicate, get things completed, travel and learn.


If you are living outside China then it is most often that you have heard about WeChat. It is one of the largest apps of messaging in the world among more than 600 million users. On WeChat you do many things like play games, make video calls, storm a taxi, send money to people, order food, buy movie tickets, reading the news, can book appointment to Doctor and many more. Among millions of people in China, it is the first app that many people opens in the morning and the last one the look at before going to bed. It is available on iOS, Android and Windows phone at free of cost.



Snapchat has more than 100 million active users regularly and a primary audience of the ages between 18 to 24 years old. It is just an app as it uses the idea of transitory messaging. As on seeing the message once then it disappears for ever. Snapchat is all about exhausting media like images, videos and audios. It is all about conversing with pictures and in a moment just express yourself. The content is published by range of publishers on the app from Buzz Feed and CNN. It is available on iOS and Android at free of cost.


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Uber has more blossoming app by the purpose of economy which cleared out hollering ride to go conventional. Tap a button to mobilize a car, just type the location where you want to go and you can also pay with credit card in which you have stored money. This app gives a ride in 58 countries and 300 cities and they are also experimenting the other services in small cities. It can work preferably on iOS and Android and also available free of cost. You have to register on the app only.



Shyp takes the inconvenience out of mailing junk. Although, it has the potential to overturn the entire shipping industry. Whatever you want to mail you can take a snap of it by using this mobile app. The most recent update in the app is by associating an address with a user name so that people can able to send you things by your name. A built in tracker package is available in the app that works for senders and recipients of the Shyp. It is available on iOS and Android and you can download freely.



It not actually kill email but it is making easier to communicate without it by the million dollar start-ups. Here, you can login to chat with your colleagues through public channels or private groups, share files and more. The app is regulated towards large and small businesses & also needs a way for internal communication for their employees. Slack can directly integrate with other apps and services too. It is available free in iOS, Android and Web.



It uses the mix of artificial intelligence and human experts to lose weight and remains fit. This app can help you in keeping a track of your meals and workouts. It also helps you in getting a texting interface to communicate with a health coach personally. This idea takes out the complex of tracking meals and exercises. It just tells you what you had to eat and also gives a nutrition coaching based on your eating habits and targets. It is available on iOS and android on free of cost.



This app tries to make an approachable process of learning another language just like game lessons. It breaks the lessons into easy digestible exercises that are designed to motivate you with points and unlock-able power ups. This app will remind you of the fact to brush up on those lessons in which you didn’t score well in first time. The people are using the Duolingo not only it is fun but also they are learning something. It is available on iOS and Android at free of cost.

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Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the best apps in the cloud and period for managing and storing your photos. It has some features that are not present in the camera roll and it is very easy to understand its interface. You can simply search about the description of photo and recognize the facial expressions. This app offers you to keep your videos and photos stored. It is available on iOS and Android at free of cost.

google photos


It is never be easy to find a cheap place to stay nearby anywhere in the world just because of Airbnb. The search filters and in-app messaging for approaching owner. It relieves a lot of stress away by finding a place to stay. These hotels provide you a more feeling of living in a residence in place of hotel suites. You can download this app freely on iOS and Android.



It is the most important app for checking into places and rating reviews about them. It almost fades darkness. This app is going through the rejuvenation. This app is now broken into a separate app called Swarm, a social network. This app has a wealth of community feedback about the restaurants. It is available on iOS and Android at free of cost.


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