Top 10 Most Popular Websites


Everyone has that favourite website which they just love to visit every single day. We are the kind of people who spend most of the time online looking for cool stuff on popular websites. In this article, we’ll cover the top 10 most popular websites worldwide, but most of these websites are very likely to be familiar with almost everyone.

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1. Google

The most popular website in the world is Google, the search engine of all search engines. It is probably the first web page which opens up when you start your web browser. If you’re looking for something, just Google it and If you’re not able to find it on Google, it probably doesn’t exist. Billions of people use Google every single day for their searches. And it’s not just the search engine, Google also provides many other services like Maps, Translate, Gmail, Google+, and even the 3rd most popular website, YouTube.

2. Facebook

If you find something interesting on YouTube or Google, then give it a share on Facebook, the 2nd most popular website in the world. If you’re not on Facebook, it is probably because you’re laying low from somebody or you’re just old and never heard about it. Even though there are many other social media websites, Facebook’s popularity doesn’t seem to be on a decline. After all, Facebook is the source of news for almost everyone in the world and without it, not everyone would know what to do with their thoughts if they were longer than 140 characters!

3. YouTube

YouTube is the 3rd most popular website in the world. You’ve probably watched a video on YouTube today, just like millions of other people. With videos being uploaded every second, it would literally be impossible to watch all of it. Buy why would you anyway when you only need the videos of fails, cats, cat fails, memes and anime. There’s so much on YouTube that may never get watched.

4. Twitter

You just can’t avoid Twitter. Twitter keeps you updated with just about anything that you could ever want to stay updated with. You can share your thoughts with your friends on Twitter, but only if they’re not longer than 140 characters! From your celebrities favourite styles to your favourite internet troll who just post the funniest memes, Twitter lets you have it all right away all the time, never stopping, never sleeping, and never blinking. That’s why we all love that little blue tweet Twitter bird.


5. Wikipedia

If you don’t know something about anything, Wikipedia is the place to go. With millions of articles written in over 200 different languages, Wikipedia is the largest encyclopaedia ever put together with over 17 million articles! Wikipedia can help you with your school homework or even if you’re working on a torturing PhD report. If there’s something that isn’t on Wikipedia it probably hasn’t been invented yet.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a place where business people can communicate with each other. Recruiters can scan possible hires and you can show your future employers just how good you are to work with. LinkedIn isn’t really a fun site to go on unless you consider networking with business people fun. That being said, LinkedIn helps a huge number of people find work, maintain the connection, and still send a couple of funny memes and pictures of cats through the messenger.

7. Baidu

The 7th most popular website on our list is Baidu which is basically the Google of China. It does almost exactly what Google does and is approved by the Chinese Government, so there’s no need to be worried about what might be sensitive on the site. Baidu provides a swift, reliable, and simple search experience and offers access to music, videos, PDFs and over 50 other services. Its popularity can be estimated by the fact that there are over 660 million monthly active users of Baidu.

8. eBay

Looking to sell something? Or Looking something to fulfil your need? Then eBay is the place to go. eBay is the world’s most popular auction website with millions of auctions happening worldwide every single day. A grilled cheese sandwich for $28000, clippings of Justin Bieber’s hair for $40668, yes, these are some of the most outrageous items that went up for auction on eBay, and then actually got sold!

9. Yahoo

The website is an acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. Yahoo is a hub for just about anything you want online. Yahoo may be a distant second to Google, but still, it is the 3rd most used search engine in the world. Microsoft once offered $20 Billion to buy Yahoo but the offer was politely declined, only to be sold to Verizon for $5 Billion in 2016. Oh, the irony!


10. Instagram

Instagram is one of the newcomers on social media platform, having burst onto the landscape in just the last couple of years. Millions of Instagram users worldwide share the photos of their daily lives with friends and families on this popular site.Instagram has a base of over 500 million users including 300 million users who are active on the app every day. The photos and videos uploaded on Instagram generate a staggering 4.2 billion likes!

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