Top 10 Places to find snowfall in India

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Winters are not just happening because it is during the last phase of the year. Apart from the festivals, there is one more thing that makes people excited during the winters and it is the snowfall. You be of any age, irrespective of that snowfall is enjoyed by every age grouped people. If you are planning to go anywhere in search of snow, then go nowhere because this article will help you in finding the nearest place to your resident which will give you a pleasant stay and a good experience of snowfall.

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1. Auli:

Auli is a place in the lap of Himalayan range in the state of Uttarakhand. Named as the ski capital of India, this place is a boom for people who wish to see the snowfall during winters. When you find yourself here, just get yourself ready for the enthusiasm of skiing activity. Though Auli is full of panoramic sights you get to see a different side of this place in winters. The Bugyals are deserted with snow sheets.

2. Pahalgam:

Perching at an elevation of 8957 ft. Pahalgam is a very beautiful place in the vicinity of paradise on earth, Jammu Kashmir. With beautiful meadows and forests, this place becomes white with a heavy snowfall during winters which makes it a very famous tourist spot during this time. One can also find the ski points and treks in Pahalgam.

3. Gulmarg:

Perched at an elevation of 8690 ft. it is one of the best places you could want yourself to be at during winters. With snowy peaks in the backdrop, blooming varieties of flowers and a vast snow cover for skiing as well as giving you the best and breathtaking ride in world’s highest cable car (Gondola) should not be missed at all.

4. Patnitop:

Another beauty from the Jammu Kashmir region. If you really want to see what snowfall is then this place is not to miss out on. No travel is complete if you are not acquainted with what this place has to show. A perfect beauty during the non-winter season and an adventurous place to be at in winters. Along with skiers and nature loves it is well equipped to give you a good jolt to those who are adventure seekers.

5. Manali:

Nobody would want to know much about this place. It is famous and top of the list of everybody’s hill station visiting list. Manali is a place whose name is sufficient enough to know what goes with it. For those who are not knowing the facts about this place, this is nestled in River Beans Valley.

6. Shimla:

Shimla, the capital city and a well-known hill station of Himachal Pradesh hosts a lot of tourists throughout the year. But more people head to this place to enjoy the snowfall and it really is the perfect spot to beat if you want this to be happening. Shimla also serves as the gateway t many more places like Kufri and Nelder.

7. Kufri:

This small old-fashioned yet charming region of Himachal Pradesh transforms into a paradise during winters. The white snow extends all over gives a very stimulating and cold look. And cherries on the pasty cake are the tall deodars and pines as well as the postcard loveliness of the surrounds.

8. Munsiyari:

Munsiyari which is located 125 km away from Pithoragarh and the reroute is full of gorgeous landscape and cascades. Munsiyari is nestled on the Coast of Goriganga River; Munsiyari is also a new detection for tourists in Uttarakhand. With the forename that means ‘place with snow’ is full of trekking tracks and mesmerizing natural beauty, making it look alike paradise for explorers, high-altitude trekkers, and natural world lovers.

9. Dhanaulti:

About 20 km from the queen of hills, Missouri it is a very beautiful offbeat destination. We can say that it is a place next to heaven. High and full of adventure it is breath-taking for people to beat. Peace, calm and trek are the perfect mixture which makes it more beautiful and enjoyable.

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10. Sonmarg:

A lot of thanks to its high altitude that keeps it away from much people and keeps it as beautiful as ever. Sonmarg has the snow from melting for best ever time, this hill spot lets the snow lovers take pleasure in a comprehensive period of winter in India. It is situated about 80kms from Srinagar, which is one more winter destination in India. It is predictable to come across roadblocks and landslides throughout the heavy snow season and consequently it is advised to check the weather conditions and reports prior preparation for a trip to Sonmarg.

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