Many of the rituals, carnivals, festivals and prominently shamanism prospect as pseudoscience. But these are ancient practices that are being practised for thousands of years. Scientists and researchers are working day and night to discover the actual relationship between these practices and the lives of people.

Here are the top 10 scientific research that is being practised for thousands of years and has now been proved with evidence to serve most effective and safe results.


1. Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy is practised in China, Egypt and India since ancient times (from over 6000 years). The aromatherapy aims to enhance the heath and rejuvenate the body and thoughts of well being. Aromatherapy was based on the fact that different scents and atoms have influences on different systems in the body. For an instance, Lemongrass scent was used to avoid insects and relieve body aches. On the same time, lavender aroma calms down the body and relieves stress.

Aromatherapy enhances mood, mental stress and rejuvenates mind and body. Patients who suffered from depression, required the fragrance of citrus and orange oil before small doses of antidepressants to reduce anxiety.

The scents that are inhaled sends a biological signal to some cells which cause the brain to release messengers like endorphin, serotonin and other hormones that relate to pleasure and relieve anxiety.

According to the recent publication from the University of Italy, it was revealed that aromatherapy helps in treating behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Acoustic Levitation:

Since the ancient times, acoustic levitation has been the stuff mastered by legends. Some people believe that great pyramids were built by this technique.

According to the Wikipedia, Acoustic Levitation is a method for suspending matter in the medium by using acoustic radiation pressure from intense sound waves in the medium. Acoustic levitation works by properties of sound to cause solids and heavy particles to float.

The Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK and the University of São Paulo in Brazil published a study which revealed the working of acoustic levitation. It was demonstrated that this technique levitates spherical objects much larger than the acoustic wavelength in air.

3. Hypnosis:

Hypnosis is an aid to combat additions including losing weight, smoking, etc. Some studies reveal that hypnotherapy actually improves our lives. People think that hypnosis is the act of devil or spirit.

A research team at Mount Sinai School of Medical published their trial results which revealed that the use of hypnotherapy reduced the amount of anaesthesia during the operation of surgery in breast cancer. This also reduced fatigue, pain, nausea and discomfort at discharge in comparison to the standard procedures.

Researchers at renowned Stanford University School of Medicine revealed neural changes associated with hypnosis.

4. Telepathy and ESP:

According to the Wikipedia, Telepathy is the transmission of information from one person to another without using any physical interaction or sensory channels. Is it surprising? But it’s also true that an international team has researched on telepathy and developed a way to say hello with the mind. This is done by recording the brain signals of a person in India and converting them into electrical signals and relying them to recipients on the other side of the world.

Studies and researches suggest that the limbic system of the brain is significant in the study of telepathy.


5. Mantra Chanting:

We all know the ‘Om’ as the most famous mantra used widely. Many cultures and individuals believe that the vibrational frequency of repeated mantra chanting induces movements of emotional energy as well as physical energy.
According to the renewed Nation Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences in Bangalore, the limbic system of the brain deactivates while chanting ‘Om’. The limbic system is the part of the brain responsible for our primitive emotions and higher mental functions. It includes the hippocampus, the home of long-term memory and emotional response and the amygdala, the emotional centre.

Believe or not, chanting ‘Om’ can be compared to the electric shock treatment that creates inner peace and calms down the mind and the body.

6. Qigong/Tai Chi:

Tai Chi is also the ancient practice that has been gaining much attention over the years. It is believed that Tai Chi is the art practised by millions of people from thousands of years for the purpose of health and well-being.

After a survey conducted by a renowned group of researchers, it was found that people who practised 16 weeks of Tai Chi program have undergone significant growth in mental abilities and thought process.

7. Energy Healing or Reiki:

Reiki is a technique commonly practised in Japan that reduces stress and promotes healing. It is based on the fact that a chakra resides in our body which flows from the centres and provides energy for everything. Sometimes the chakra becomes unbalanced and energy gets blocked which can be resolved via Reiki.

After a research conducted by the University of Arizona in which the Reiki was compared other with physical therapy, revealed that a small session of Reiki was as effective as the manual therapy in improving the range of movements in patients with painful shoulder limitations.

Scientists at the Institute for Integrated and Oriental therapy observed that a 30 minute Reiki session revealed a good reduction of blood pressure.

Other scientists and studies suggested that Reiki could be an effective solution for the control of hypertension. Reiki is also helpful in improving well-being, relaxation, pain relief, sleep quality and reduces depression and anxiety.


8. Sound and Music Therapy:

Do you love music? Everybody loves to enjoy music, some enjoy a couple of minutes while some are just passionate about music. Well its a good news for music lovers that Music is considered as the effective option to enhance mood, lift up motivation, calms down mind and body and reduces depression, stress and anxiety.

It is also scientifically revealed that music enhances the production of antibodies that combats the viruses in our body and boosts the immune system.

9. Meditation:

Who is not aware of meditation practices and its benefits? But how many of us really practice meditation? Surprisingly the National Centre for Biotechnology Information currently has over 4000 published papers.

Meditation is the most effective solution for keeping the mind and the body calm. Meditation improves overall attitude of a person, it increases the patience, self-confidence, release of anxiety and depression, boost confidence and increases production of the hormone which is responsible for happiness. These all benefits overall brings more energy and refreshing mind to improve the overall efficiency of the body.


10. Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is the ancient technique of sticking needles into the skin at some specific point. Acupuncture is widely used in China to treat some problems from the root cause. Acupuncture is gaining much attention worldwide because of its positive results. Acupuncture is now available for free on the NHS in some areas of the UK.

A research team studied acupuncture and found that it resulted in significant and notable improvement in pain reduction, improved flexibility and mobility. A review team from Canada also revealed the use os acupuncture as an alternative to traditional painkillers in people suffering from osteoarthritis.