Top 10 Strangest Versions of Hell

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Even human beings belongs to similar religion have different beliefs regarding hell. Entire the history, people have thought up of wide scenarios of those who didn’t able to do things right for the whole life. There are some top 10 strangest versions of Hell mentioned below:

Tartarus Hell


It was far beneath the common underworld of Greek, according to the ancient Greeks, Hades as was delighted from the Earth. Suitable discipline was given by cursed sins particularly advised by individuals in Tartarus. Tantalus was alive during the execution of his own particular childhood and serving himself as the divine beings. He was enforced to sit alongside nourishment of mouth watering and water that he was not be able to take beverages.

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Mictlan Hell


On the way to this underworld, Aztecs went on a four year trip after death, opposing destructive mountains that were trying to hit them, presence of evil and crispy winds that trim them like knives. After trying so hard because the God Mictelantecuhtli eventually ruled the overcastted realm of the place, particularly a blood sprayed skeleton who wore a garland of eye balls of human. Bats, Owls and Spider were surrounded by his cheery home. You don’t have to be evil to go to the Mictlan just like Irkalla and Helheim.

Swedenberg’s Hell


A Swedish philosopher was born in 1688, Emanuel Swedenberg visited series of Hell and Heaven from the age of 53. The vision of the Christian Hell was imagined by him. It looks like a muddy and reviewed city. They can leave the city anytime but they do not want to. They are full of cruel desires on which their suffering was based and not on the external punishment. Based on Swedenberg’s philosophy and vision, the built churches exist in today’s world.

Black Thread Hell


It is reserved for worriers, liars and people who mistreat their parents in Tibetan Buddhism. Black lines are marked on the sinners and a cut is made on these lines with burning saws. Don’t worry, if you become a sinner in a different way. This hell is featured in the book which described the sixteen hells in total out of which eight are cold and others are hot. Some descriptive names given to other hells are ‘Loud Screaming Hell’ as the penalty for theft and ‘Crushing Hell’ as the punishment for cruelty of animals.

Kasyrgan Hell


The prince of the underworld, Erkil judged the departure souls in Mongolian Shamanism. IT the bad deeds of people are plentiful than their good ones, they are sent to the hell known as Kasyrgan, where they would get boiled in black tar inside a huge cauldron. The worst sinners remained inside there but those who did some good things in a lifetime might increasingly rise upon the surface of the tar, until the top of his head touches the surface. In heaven, people who benefited by the good deeds in his life can send a special spirit to clamp the sinners from the hairs and pull him up towards heaven.

Irkalla Hell


The dead has to first pass through the seven gates to reach the underworld from mythology of Babylonian, bribes the gatekeeper with a piece of their jewelry or clothing to each one. It is dark inside and expansible gloomy where everyone is to drink and eat only dust so they are eager to get a bit of it. And, there is nothing more to do. About the Babylonian Hell, the most depression thing is that it was not the actual punishment for major wrong acts. Everyone went there except some heroes.

The House of Lies


After death, souls first cross a bridge and meets with a young woman who represents the role of their actions in life in the antique Persian religion of Zoroastrianism. She looks beautiful if the dead person has led a good life sometimes but for the sinner it is dreadful. It is not better for those as sinners then thrown to the House of lies where the damn have to eat only food that is foul. This food includes rotten food, corpses and other disagreeable fluids present in the body. It is also smelly and dark and the inhabitants think that they are alone there.

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This hell is divided into at least 25 fields as per the sinful deeds done by the person according to the Hindu scriptures. One of the Hellish field is Diarrhea and another one is Forest of Sword Blades, these are some to describe the happenings at the place. In a few renditions of Hindu hell-fire, sufferers are really by one means or another forced to perform their own particular disciplines, for example, moving up and down prickly trees that destroy them.

Avici Hell


This is the worst type of hell that you can and up in if you are a follower of Pure Land Buddhism. By committing one of the five grave sins: you must kill an excessively holy person or your own parents or Buddha, it’s really bad. Despite the fact that Avici is actually not unceasing, it does last trillions of years, which must would appear to be significantly more when you’re confronting its unending disciplines. It’s encompassed by iron dividers; furthermore peculiarities iron snakes, and iron puppies that inhale fire. Occupants of this heck can really kick the bucket there, yet are reborn into the same hell-fire.



For Vikings, this was the final destination who had an affliction of not dying a marvelous death. This was very different from other hell as it was very cold. A four eyed, blood drenched pointer called Garmr guards the entrance and the whole place was watched over by an immense eagle called corpse eater where icy wind was created by his wings. It was not bad enough, Vikings was a person whose deeds were especially bad under Helheim called Niflhel, which was even darker and colder.

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