Top 10 Style Icons in the World


In today’s world, the fashion industry is constantly introducing us to new styles. Now, celebrities are taking pictures and also agree to them with family, friends, fans via social media.
At present times, celebrities are checked for what they are wearing on red carpet, going to grocery store and for dinner.usually, thisis not happeningn with the previous generation of stars. Here is a list of top 10 style icons of today’s world:

1) Audrey Hepburn: The little Black Dress

Some argued about the little black dress of Audrey Hepburn that it is becoming an obsession for fashion. Her classic look from Breakfast of Holly Golightly at Tiffany’s is most of the iconic photos from the times of old Hollywood. Some things that will continue be known for Audrey Hepburn look for inspiration are 3-strand pearl necklace, Givenchy Column Gown, Sleek updo, large tortoise shell sunglasses, long cigarette holder and diamond earrings.

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2) Diana Ross : Maximalist

She is known to be a pop singer from  America.The style of Diana Ross has changed over the course of her career. Without her influence, Motown would not be turn into what it has today. Diana always shed a positive light on the term known as Diva from extraordinary wigs to embellished gowns. Her iconic styles has make the line lighter between costume and wears of everyday lives.

3) Elizabeth Taylor : Queen of diamonds

She was born on 27th February, 1932 in London of England. She is most famous for her glamorous looks and for her beauty. Her fashion sense can be described in one word as fearless. Everywhere she went, her fashion sense went along with her in the form of fur wraps, eye catching headpieces, plunging necklines, feather boas etc. All these are considered as the top style sever. Her love for gilt and glamour are evident now and she leaves an impact on the fashion industry.

4) Grace Kelley : The Preppy princess

The classic and sophisticated styles of Grace Kelly are always impeccable. At the world premiere of Strategic Air Command in New York, she was standing with her designer Oleg Cassini. She is known to be the most influential fashion icon due to her tailored ensembles and iconic fashion dresses. One of the designs of purse was renamed by Hermes as the actress was spotted with it on number of occasions. So it is known as Kelly Bag. She is a Hollywood actress who won the Oscar awards and also one of her films premiers at Cannes Film Festival.

5) Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis : Chic simple

She lived her life from 1929 to 1994. She is a widow of American President F. Kennedy. Later, she married to ship owner of Argentina, Aristotle Onassis. She succeed in grabbing the public attention with her chic look and simple sense of Fashion. In a picture. She is wearing a safari style jacket over hipster trousers with a polo neck Jersey. She gave a new shape to sense of Fashion view through conservative clothes, from boxy channel suits to Halston Pillbox Hats. She left a legacy behind her in fashion.

6) Katherine Hepburn : The first lady of Men’s wear

One of the most idealized actresses of her time. She followed a fashion of her own personal style that shows the look of America and on screen, she also followed the same style. But her off screen look is filled from spots wear in her wardrobe. The costumes wore by her in the movies gave the picture of look of Hepburn that is seen today. A picture of her was shown form her movie The Philadelphia story in 1940.

7) Lauren Bacall : The princess of Prints

On October 2, 1972 she got ready in polka dots for stopping the traffic of Leicester Square in London. Her seductiveness along with the combination of glamour without any efforts made her the most iconic actresses in the fashion world. She wore silk blouses, pencil skirts, blazers, and pleated trousers also. The professional attire has been transformed into the glamorous style by Lauren. She will be making her debut in the repeating show of the British stage for which she won a Tony award.  She being applauded for her quot and opening of Majesty’s Theater show on 16th of November in 1972. She is a famous American actress.

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8) Madonna : Costume Couture

She is known as the pop diva of-fashion. She has attained a tomboy look in 80s, recently she has turned as mosy influential guru in the fashion industry. She cancelled her first three shows in Philadelphia because of the problem of sore throat. She also sung before 14,000 fans during the Blomde Ambition tour which took her to Rome and Tokyo. Her concerts were extraordinary as also they were today. It is Madonna’s fashion choices for on-stage performances that changed the way in which artists view her.

9) Marilyn Monroe : Dangerous Curves

She became famous because the introduction of sex appeal in the fashion industry was done by her. She introduced high waist bikinis to her classic look in The Seven year Itch. A picture of her us also famous from the same The Seven Year Itch, which date is not provided. She also made the way for luxurious trends in Hollywood. A legacy was also created by her that was continued to impersonate her on a regular basis.

10) Twiggy : The Mod Model

She rose to stardom very quickly after her photography session with drawn on lashes which was supposed to be a trend but there is a requirement of being explored. She was a British model and actress who stepped from a car of Rolls Royce after taking retirement from her modelling career on 3rd of October in 1970. As she established herself as an it girl after that she was known to be a fashion icon for her notability in daring and setting trend for her styles in 60’s.

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