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Today you are in college, in you end of teenage (18-22) but what about if you met an accident? You are graduated and make it happen to get a job in multinational company but what if you got across and natural disaster? You are a parent of 2 children but what if you got stuck with a inevitable disease like heat attack or cancer? Till now if you made your life to see your grandchildren whats the next scenario?

The greatest fear of life is about the future and next is about the death. Lots of spiritual books reveal that there is life after death but can we really believe something which nobody has experienced or there is no core proof? Embracing the wisdom of Bible in this aspect can really serve a dramatic impact on our lives. Everyone must have thought about life after death at least once.

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Will my soul cease after death? Will my soul opt for a new body? Or will I be conscious after death? These question have no answers and if there is an answer then there is no proof. Here are the top things that you need to know about what happens to your life after death.

Mythological Aspects of Life after Death: 

As per the Hindu beliefs the body dies not the soul which is said to a universal reality. Everything in existence is known to be connected and cycle in Hinduism, all human beings composed of two constituents, the soul (Atma) and the soul does not change and cannot change by its pure nature in the Hindu scriptures. In contrast, the flesh and identity, can change constantly changes, i.e. born and dies.

Is there existence of something like Hell or Heaven? 

There is no final heaven or hell. In the life, based on one’s karma, the atma is reborn as another species or creature in heaven, hell, or a living being on earth. It is said that Almighty too die once their past deeds merit runs out, as do those in hell, and they return with another chance on this planet. This endless cycle continues in an infinite loop, until one achieves on a spiritual pursuit, knows self-knowledge, and thereby achieves moksha, the final release out of the reincarnation cycles. This release is believed to be a state of utter bliss, which Hindu traditions believe is either related or similar to the universe, the inevitable reality that existed before the creation of Brahman, continues to exist and shall exist after the universe ends.

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Top things about new life after Death, The Reincarnation:

  1. After death only our physical body dies i.e. only the physical body age’s not our internal soul. In one of the experiments of R. A. Watters it was observed that during the last movements of life people who were enclosed in a glass sealed case and suddenly after their death, the glass break with a fine line of fracture through which the soul escaped. This experiment was carried by while he was trying to capture or take a snap of soul.
  2. According to Hindu mythology there are a total of 8.4 million life forms in all. And all we have to experiences all the life form and human race is considered as top of all, which the soul gets if it has done many good deeds “PUNYAS”.
  3. Every souls tends to achieve the supreme almighty so it reaches few steps closer as the physical body do good deeds for the betterment of others and self without harming others.
  4. It is said that the soul actually travels equivalent to the speed of light. After leaving one body the soul frees itself from all types of links with the world and enters into an new creature immediately.
  5. On earth we can experience 3 dimensions but our souls can travel and experience in infinitely many dimensions to which human beings can never reach. It even has contact with the almighty.
  6. Our earthly material bodies have five physical senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. But souls after death are said to have the potential of seventy senses.
  7. Male and female always retain their gender characteristics. Even after we all have traveled to heaven and are full spirit beings, opposite genders will continue to fascinate and give love and pleasure one another.
  8. According to Hindu mythology we all human beings are small parts of our gods and will diffuse in him as our soul have achieved the superior state on account of all our good deeds ( karma).
  9. Islamic beliefs reject any idea of life after death of human beings or God. It follows and preaches a linear concept of life in which a human has only single life and at the end on the judgment is given by Allah.
  10. There have be many incidents took place to the people who have experienced death for a short while and then returned. According to them, as what they revealed:

  • It appears as if the life they lived is just like a book which flips in front of them with all their good and band deeds crossing by in fast forward.
  • Some experienced that it appears all in white clouds as if it’s away to the paradise ( heaven).
  • Some incidents were also noted to be terribly painful in which there was a complete darkness and frightening sounds.
  • A single source of white light far away was observed by some.

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