Everyone has a great desire to be successful but one should also know that the fruits of success are not planted, they are earned. It takes a lot of determination, hard work, resilience, and time to achieve your dreams. Simply dreaming of succeeding is never enough. The Early bird catches the worm, so if you have the dream to shine like the sun then first burn like the sun. So stop wasting your time around and read below the top 10 things that will make your dreams come true!


1. Give a full stop to your excuses

If you compare successful and failure people, then you will surely be able to catch the difference that people who failed have a long list of excuses. While the people who succeeded have rough stories. Nobody has a perfect life and all of us are faced with occasional circumstances which are beyond our control. Making excuses for things not going our way will simply imply that we are blaming others for our failures.

It’s quite easy to sit there and feeling sad for yourself. Stop giving excuses and start working hard for a better future.

2. Honesty

Everybody knows that honesty is the best policy. Honesty a basic principle for achieving success. Being honest with yourself and your work is a part of success because it shows that a person can be trusted. People are always looking for the business with the man of his words! And if you are not an honest person, word will get around that you cannot be trusted which will spoil your reputation and your future. There are no shortcuts to success, so never be afraid, to be honest, and live honourably before others.

3. Time Management

Probably the simplest but the hardest thing to imply in our daily lives is time management. As the saying goes, a time not well used cannot be retrieved. A lot of time is wasted each day which can be put to better uses. Being productive and efficient with your time is necessary for achieving your goals, both professionally and personally. A well-designed time management plan will not only make you more productive but will also allow you to stay motivated towards your ultimate goals.

4. Taking Risks

With no risk comes no reward. You don’t achieve your goals by playing it safe, you have to leave your comfort zone and fight for your success. Sometimes you have to take really big and risky decisions. Unforeseen opportunities often come from risk taking. Many aspirants lay all they have on the line to achieve what they desire the most. It really takes all the courage to risk everything, but eventually, that is what will take you to the peak of success. If you believe that you have what it takes to be successful and believe in what you are doing, then you should not be afraid to take risks.

5. Overcome fears

All of us have some sort of fear whether it is fear of uncertainty, fear of public speaking or fear of taking a risk. These fears keep us in the same position and act as a hurdle in our personal development. If you can fight your fear, then there is nothing to fear. Use fear as your compass and fuel your growth. If you fear about something, it reflects the area that you are yet to address and once you address the fear, it will definitely help you grow.

6. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

What most people do wrong in order to be successful is that they set unrealistic goals and when they are unable to achieve such goals, they get disheartened. Hard work is for labours, successful people do SMART work. Instead, start setting S.M.A.R.T. goals for yourself. S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. The acronym simply implies that these goals are concrete, narrowly defined, and you can measure your growth with such goals. They can also be used to achieve larger, long-term goals. So always have a goal set in your mind and know where you want to go and then finally get there.

7. Sleep, Exercise and Eat Right

Sleep, Exercise, Food: You need all three to be successful. In today’s hectic life, we don’t always take care of ourselves as well as we should. Keeping yourself healthy should be our prime priority because an unhealthy mind disturbs our concentrate and focus This will lead us to the doors of failure. Eat healthy food, sleep 7 to 8 hours daily and exercise regularly (at least for 15 minutes) are the mantras to rejuvenate mind and the body. This will allow you to go further, get more done and most importantly, will keep your motivated and healthy.

8. Learn from Failures

You should never fear to fail. Failures teach the best lesson. All the success does not come easy and you are bound to fail more than you will succeed at anything. There is no luck, no shortcut to achieving success and successful people know that very well. In fact, success is typically achieved by a series of failures and lessons learned. There is no shame in failing, all you need to do is learn from your failures which will ultimately lead you to success more quickly.

9. Set boundaries

Learn to say “no”. The best way to set boundaries is just to say the word “no”. Many of us may not be comfortable with refusing something but sometimes you have to say “no”. Not every offer is a good one and not all partners are the right ones. You need to realise that you can not take on every single task and work with every single person. Sometimes you have to look for your own interest first. You can also try to say “no” in a creative way if you think it will impact your relationship with others.

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10. Be a life-long learner

Learning has no age. The secret of success is to always try to learn something new every day, no matter where you are or what your position is. Never stop learning and learn as much as you can to enhance your knowledge. In fact, success is achieved through excessive learning and using that knowledge to set realistic goals and then working hard until the end in order to accomplish those goals.