Top 10 Unbelievable Things Found Underwater

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Do you know that the world’s seas make up around 70 percent of this planet? Yes, you read it right and believe or not just 5 percent of them have been explored yet. That implies that most by far of Earth is comprised of deep and dull waters water waves with riddles holding up to be discovered. Even with this 5 percent of the explored ocean some of the most fantastic spots, living creatures, and facts have been discovered. Looking through the depth of the waters, can give us understanding into the past, the present, and now and then, even the future. Exploring these regions gives us a chance to see bits of history. Here are 10 of the most amazing and unbelievable thongs found underwater. Would you be able to envision what else is out there?

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1. The Great Blue Hole Belize:

With a name as overwhelming as this one, the Great Blue Hole of Belize draws the attention of curious and thrill-seeking divers. It is discovered off the coast of Belize, is counted among the largest ever recorded sinkhole. This Blue Hole came into recognition in 1971 by Jacques Cousteau. Since then it had been a famous vacation spot. Visitors now enjoy guided diving trips into the Great Blue Hole Belize. It is said that this Blue Hole was formed from a limestone cave estimated to be hundreds of thousands of years ago. This noteworthy spot in the Caribbean Sea is 300 meters (980 ft) cross-wide and 125 meters (410 ft) deep, making it a remarkable achievement to dive in. So what are you waiting for to dive into the depts?

2. The Ghost Fleet Chuuk Lagoon:

One of the most amazing and absolute things to find in the ocean are Shipwrecks. These shipwrecks reflect an account of some great history ever, give pieces of information about what happened and who was there. Chuuk Lagoon is found in the Caroline Islands in the Pacific Ocean, north of New Guinea and east of the Philippines. The remains of incalculable Japanese aircrafts and ships were found, having been obliterated in World War II. The “Ghost Fleet” was the subject of a 1969 Jacques Cousteau film in which the remains were investigated and the site started to be recuperated. It is also said that bodies are still there among the Shipwrecks and aircrafts. Amazingly, the site itself is halfway visible from over the water’s surface. One of the most incredible examples of an underwater discovery is the wreckage of Japan’s Imperial Fleet.

3. Black Smokers Arctic Circle:

Certain chimney-like formations happen submerged when seawater meets magma. These aqueous hydrothermal vents are nearly a sort of hot spring achieving a temperature of 370 degrees Celsius (700 °F) and higher.Frequently referred as “black smokers” because of the shade of their iron sulfide deposits, these hydrothermal vents have been found in different places in the oceans. These dark smokers show exactly how erratic and great nature is while implying at alternate secrets that could cover up beneath the water’s surface.

4. Ruins of Atlit Yam Mediterranean Sea:

The remains of Atlit Yam are 8– 12 meters (26– 39 ft) somewhere down in the Mediterranean Sea off the shoreline of Israel. Founded in 1984, the city is accepted to have a place with the Neolithic time and is one of the biggest submerged settlements ever found. Atlit Yam is also the house to the remains of houses, people, water wells and other creatures. It is believed to be an impressive site comprising of enormous stones arranged in a circle around what used to be a spring. A stone well use for water purposes is also found which makes the site much more fascinating.

5. Britain’s Atlantis Doggerland:

The Doggerland is the name of a gigantic landmass that ended up plainly submerged in the sea around 8,500 years ago. Researchers believe that the landform came from Scotland to Denmark and was once possessed by mammoths. After the land was settled by Mesolithic people, eventually flooded over thousands of years. It is also known as the “real heartland of Europe”. Doggerland is especially amazing on the grounds that it demonstrates that the islands that are currently Great Britain were once connected with rest of Europe.

6. Bimini Road Bahamas:

The Bahamas is one of the best tourist attraction. Bimini Road in the Bahamas in an underwater path founded at the time of the 1930s. Whats fascinating is that the origin of this ocean feature is still not known. It is believed that it leads to the lost city of Atlantis. Bimini road is just 20 ft (6 meters) deep and serves a good diving experience along with mysterious formations. The origin theory of this place suggests that it includes ancient Egyptian divine protectors and a natural occurrence without any help from humans.

7. Zhemchug Canyon Bering Sea:

Are you an underwater enthusiast? If yes, you will surely love this place. The place is so huge that it can be entirely seen from the space. It was discovered in the Bering Sea, Zhemchug and is also the deepest underwater canyon with the depth of 1.6 mi. Even Submarines can travel through this deep sea and it features a variety of marine life.

8. Underwater River Black Sea:

Do you believe a huge life underwater, a body of water residing inside a water body? At the bottom of the Black Sea, there exists an entire ecosystem with a running river, waterfalls and even trees. Surprising due to the fact that water in the river is much saltier and therefore denser. This allows the river to flow through the sea at a different speed. It is believed that the river’s large volume would make it the sixth largest river on the land.

9. Ancient Underwater City of Pavlopetri:

This amazing place was discovered by Dr. Nic Flemming in 1967. The estimated area of the town covers around 100,000 sq. meters. It is believed that this site leads to the discovery of ancient pottery. Neolithic Pottery is one of the most remarkable discoveries of this underwater town. Pavlopetri was a part of Bronze Age earlier but after more explorations, it was found that city was more than 1,000 years older.

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10. Current Movement of Tectonic Plates:

The impressive occurrence of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates have been spreading farther in the recent years. This amazing phenomenon can be seen both on from the deep waters in between the two plates near Iceland as well as from the land. This has been experienced by a lot of scuba divers and underwater photographers. Researchers estimated that the current rate of plate motion is about 2.5 cm per year.

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