Top 10 Wars of World


Have a look on top 10 wars in the history of the world.

1) Somme, World War 1, 1916

After shelling, the Hindenburg line was crossed during the Battle of the Somme. A machine gun was crewed by the British Vickers who were wearing gas masks during the battle. The war continued for 4 years, 3 months and 2 weeks from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. It occurred in Africa, Europe, the Pacific Islands, the Middle East, Indian Ocean, China, off the coast of North and South America.The war resulted in a victory for the alliance, end of German, Ottoman, Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires. It also resulted in the formation of some new countries in the Middle East and Europe.

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2) Operations Overlord, Normandy, World War 1944

The war broke out from Normandy with tanks landing on ships, a floating of balloons on barrage and unloading the ships on Omaha. The code-named for the Battle of Normandy resulted in the successful invasion of Western Europe occupied by German. The operation started on 6 June 1944 to 30th August 1944. Special technologies were developed to expect on the beachhead of Normandy which includes two artificial ports and an array of tanks of specialization. This has misled the Germans up-to-date and location of the landings for its alliance.

3) Tet Offensive, Vietnam War, 1968

This is known to be the largest military campaign of Vietnam War launched on 30th January 1968 with the forces of North Vietnamese People Army against the forces of the alliance of South Vietnamese and the United States. It occurred in three phases. The duration of the first phase is 30th January 1968 to 28th March 1968. The second was from 5th May to 15th June 1968. The third was from 17 August to 23 September 1968. The new name came from the Vietnamese New Years specifically when the first major attack took place.

4) Kadesh Egyptian-Hittite Wars, 1274 BC

The battle of Kadesh took place between the forces of the Hittite Empire under Muwatalli 2 and the Egyptian Empire under Ramesses 2. It started during the 1274 BC in late May. It resulted in the tactical victory of Egyptian Empire which is very indecisive in a strategic manner. They also negotiated the treaty of Peace. It is known to be the best-documented battle in ancient history due to the multiple inscriptions of Kadesh. It was also known as the earliest battle in the record of the histories.

5) India-Pakistan war of 1965

The war took place during April to September in 1965 between India and Pakistan. The conflict arose from infiltration of forces into the state of Jammu and Kashmir to absorb the insurgency against the rule of India. It is located in the war of South Asia. The war saw the largest disturbance of masses from the partition of British India since 1947. It also resulted in the imported ceasefire of United Nations which is not the conclusion. There were no changes in the permanent territories. Much of the battle was fought between the armored units and infantries.

6) Yorktown, American Revolution, 1781

Another name was Battle of Yorktown or Siege of Yorktown. The duration of war is from 28th September to 19th October 1781. The war took place in Yorktown of Virginia. The history resulted in the decision due to combined forces of French Army troops and American Continental Army over the British Army. The victory was in favor of Franco and American. It also resulted in the end of operations on land in the thirteen colonies. after completing the initial preparations, that built the fort parallel and started the bombardment. Both of them united the New York city in 1781.

7) Battle of Gaugamela (Walls of Alexander of the Great), 331 BC

The Alexander fought against many leaders like Naples, Pompeii, etc. The wars were fought by King Alexander 3 of Macedon of Persian Empire. He was one of the most successful commanders of the military of all time. Before his death, he conquered the whole of the ancient Greeks. The duration of the war is 336-323 BC, almost 13 years. It resulted in the control of Balkans conquering an empire of Achaemenid under the king of king Darius 3 and invading into India.

8) IWO Jima, World War 2, 1945

The war started from 19 February to 26 March in 1945. It fought on Iwo Jima and Islands of Volcano. Among the U.S. marines, it was a major battle and resulted in the capturing of IWO Jima by defeating the Imperial Army of Japan at the time of World War 2. The war resulted in the victory of Americans. The war was named as Operation Detachment which has the goal of capturing the whole island which also includes the three airfields under the control of Japan to provide a staging area of the attack on the main island of Japan.

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9) Stalingrad, World War, 1942-43

The duration of war is from 23 August 1942 to 2 February 1943. It lasts in around 5 months, 1 week and 3 days. It fought on places Stalingrad, Soviet Union and Russian SFSR. It was one of the major battles on the eastern part of World War 2 in which the alliance of Nazi Germany fought for the control of Stalingrad situated in the South of Russia on the boundary of Europe to its east. It resulted in the Victory if the Soviet Union and destructed the 6th Army of Germany.

10) Battle of Saragarhi, Tirah Campaign War, 1897

The battle was fought before the Campaign of Tirah done on 12 September 1897. The fight is done between the tribesmen of Afghan Orakzai and British Indian Army. It fought on Tirah situated in the North West of Frontier Province of British India. It resulted in the victory of the military of  Afghan Padhungi and the strategic victory of India. The contingent of British India comprised of the Sikh regiment to be known as the 4th Battalion. The military personnel of Sikhs celebrates the 12 September Saragarhi Day every year to remember the battle.