Top 10 Weirdest Islands Around The World


The things that come to mind when speaking of islands are vacations, blue waters, cloudless skies, warm sandy beaches, and a place to relax. But not all islands are romantic getaway filled with fun. There are few islands in the world that offer up some bizarre and weird experience which will leave you scratching your head. So here are the top 10 weirdest islands around the world.

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1. Vulcan Point Island, Philippines

Vulcan Point with its world’s most dangerous active volcanoes is a treacherous place to visit. The volcanic eruptions in this island already account for over 5000 deaths since the start of the 16th century. But yet it is scaled daily by dozens of laid-back tourists. Also, the geographical view of the island is enough to make anyone feel dizzy. Vulcan Point is one of the volcano’s cones placed at the center of the Taal Lake and this lake is placed on the island of Luzon. In brief, Vulcan Point sits on an island within a lake within an island.

2. Socotra Island, Yemen

Belonging to Yemen, Socotra Island has had a history of extreme geographic isolation. You could be forgiven for thinking you’ve landed on an alien planet upon your visit. Astonishing geographical formations, creepy beaches, Dragon’s Blood Trees, and strange species of animal and plant life add to the island’s weird allure. Such is the striking sights of this island. Due to its isolation, Socotra Island is also home to an amazing amount of unique flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world.

3. North Sentinel Island, Indian Ocean

Known as the island of the lost tribe, North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean is home to an isolated indigenous tribe who have lived on this island for an estimated 60,000 years! The tribe has had no contact with the outside world and is believed to be extremely aggressive and hostile towards outsiders. When boats or aircraft get too close to the island, the tribe launches a barrage of arrows towards intruders, driving them off, and sometimes even killing them!

4. Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima Island used to be the most densely populated spot in the world. But the island, which was also famous as a Japanese mining colony, is now completely deserted. The island was once fully crammed of the forced labourers from China and Korea during the WWII. Most of the massive concrete buildings from the time of the World War are still standing, which gives the island the aura of an old battleship or a floating ghost town. As you can now probably guess, visiting this island can be quite a creepy experience.

5. Svalbard Islands, Norway

At first, Svalbard Islands might look like any other island covered with snow. But be ready to be surprised to if you get to tangle with some wild polar bears. The islands are located in the Arctic and full of polar bears. Travelers flock here every year to watch these majestic beasts in their natural habitat. While it is illegal on the islands to kill polar bears for sport, the law requires individuals travelling beyond the settled areas to carry a gun with them at all times in case of a bear attack.

6. Monuriki Island, Fiji

Monuriki is a small uninhabited Fijian island which wasn’t a particularly special one until it was featured in a Hollywood film. The island served as the main shooting location for the movie ‘Cast Away’, starring Tom Hanks. Though the island is uninhabited, a few inhabited islands are located near by, so if you’re thinking to roam around the island that hosted Tom Hanks, it shouldn’t be difficult to book a ferry out to this unique film locale.

7. Island of the Dolls, Mexico City

The Island of the Dolls is one heck of a weird place. As the saying goes for this island, sometime in the past, a man named Don Julian who had lost his entire family, heard a woman screaming for help. The woman was drowning in a local canal but he was unable to save her. After her death, he started hearing her voice at night so he began stringing dolls up all over the place to ward off her spirit. Hundreds of dolls now present on the island are said to be possessed by her spirit. Thus, the island became a legend and later on, a weird tourist destination.

8. Lake Titicaca Islands, Peru

Entirely man made, the Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca are woven together out of reeds by a local tribe named Uros. The local tribe made these floating islands their home a long time ago, most likely to avoid trouble with other tribes in the area. The Uros still inhabit these floating islands and make their living through fishing, but tourism is now their main source of income.

9. Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island was discovered by a Dutch captain on Easter Day in 1772, thus the modern name. The Island is littered with hundreds of huge statues known as moai. No one knows why these statues were made but these massive stone monuments are famous all over the world. The statues, often up to three stories tall, were built by early Polynesians using fairly primitive tools, which makes their existence even more mysterious.

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10. Bouvet Island, South Atlantic Ocean

Bouvet Island is the most isolated island on the whole planet. Anyone who has ever been to the island would tell you that Bouvet Island is one the weirdest places on the ocean. Due to its remote location, the island was never commonly visited. Therefore, it was surprising when an abandoned lifeboat was found anchored in 1964 but no trace of human life was ever found on the island. The island seems like a modern mystery fated to remain unsolved.

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