Top ten temples in world


Temples are considered as the power houses of positive energy on the earth. A temple doesn’t represent any specific religion but it has different names. Depending on the religion a temple is called as a temple for Hindus and church for Christians and a mosque for Muslims. Temple is designed in such a way that the energy around the earth and energy from other planets and satellites reach to the core of it. The reason why people find peace and health in a temple is the same. So the top ten temples in the world are as follows

Angkor Wat Temple


This temple is located in Cambodia and is a group of temples. This Angkor wat is called as the city temple and has all the remains of the famous Khmer empire which lasted for a period of 9th century to 15th century AD. This temple is considered as the world’s largest temple in the whole world and this temple is constructed on the top of terrace and is higher than the city. There are three galleries that are rectangular in shape and have a central tower and the remaining towers are in an increasing order of their height. The two galleries other than the central tower are connected and have a 65 meters high shrine.


karnak temple

This is from Egypt. Egypt not only contains the mummies or ruined structures but also some attractive and ancient structures. Among them this great hypostyle hall is a marvel of the builders of Egypt. This is a large complex of temples and has a group of temples and the hypostyle hall covers an area about 50,000 square feet. This place is made of 134 massive columns that are arranged in rows. There are a total of 16 rows and the temple has no roof. There are two rows that are higher than the remaining towers.



This is located in java on the islands of Indonesia and is located at 40 kilometers to the northwest of yogyakarta. This Borobudur is considered as the largest temple for Buddhist and it was built in 75 years of 8th and 9th century. This was built with several blocks of stone and constructed by a king sailendra. These are about two million stone blocks. This structure is wide at the base and goes thin at the top. This is said to resemble the human body and an area of about 2,500 square meters. There is a dome at the top and is about 35 meters from the base level.

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Located in capital city of India and is the largest Hindu temple. This is constructed in 2005 and the decoration of this temple is more expensive. The head of Swaminarayan Hinduism, Pramukh Swami Maharaj has moderated this structure. This has one big central monument which is about 43 meters in height and about 96 meters wide. It is about 110 meters long. This temple is made with pink sandstone from Rajasthan and the Italian Carrara marble. This is just made with stone and there are no irons or steel structures used for construction as support. This temple has a special lighting show in the evening and it is designed with many Indian dance postures and dancer images and designs of flowers and animals and musicians. The carvings of Hindu mythological stories are designed on this temple.

Sri Ranganathaswamy temple

Sri Ranganathaswamy temple

This temple is located in the southern part of India and has a very high prominence in Hindus. This temple is dedicated to the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the city called Srirangam. Every year millions of devotees visit this temple and spreads an area of 156 acres and is one of the largest temples in the world. This was built in 10th century and there are a total of 21 towers generally known as Gopurams and the Rajagopuram is the biggest in South India. This rajagopuram is 73 meters high and is constructed in 1987.



This is located in Sri Lanka in a city called Anuradhapura. This was built by king Mahasena for 15 years in the 3rd century AD. This is built with more than 93 million bricks and it has a heighted dome of about 122 meters. This is placed after the pyramids of Egypt and the diameter of this big dome is about 95 meters.

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Tikal temple

Looks like a temple run temple and is the largest city and contains six pyramids with large steps. This is constructed in 720 AD and stands as the tallest structure of pre Columbia. This pyramid is 72 meters tall.

Temple of Saint Sava


This is a largest orthodox building and is constructed in 1985 and finished in 2004. This is a cathedral as the size shows it like that and has 91 meters length and width of 81 meters. This has a gold plated cross and it is big in surface area about 3500 square meters from the ground floor.

Temple of Christ the savior

Temple of Christ the savior- Moscow

This is located in Moscow and building started in 1839 and Stalin blew this in 1931 and finally completed in 2000. This is the tallest 105 meters orthodox church in the world.


Baalbek- Lebanon

This is also called as Heliopolis and a spectacular archeological site located in northeastern Lebanon. This was built by Romans and the three temples built by Romans are Jupiter and Bacchus and Venus. Each of is constructed by a 54 granite columns among these 6 are titanic columns and is 69 meters in length and about a width of 36 meters. Among all the 42 columns 19 columns are still standing with 19 meters height.



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