Top 10 Untangled Mysteries of Mayan Civilization

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mayan civilisation

One of the World’s most successful and brilliant civilizations is Mayan. There are various mysteries related to the powerful civilization which is built by committed researchers and archaeologists, now going to reveal.

1) Monkey Shaped Skull- A fun was played by the Maya by offering a mortal sport by involving two opposing teams who have to pass a ball by using their body parts like elbow, hips, and knees. This game was made mortal in the end as the losing team had to sacrifice. For self-protection from injury and to make easy tricks, the players must wear different clothing which also includes a hand worn wrist as a safety guard.


2) The Sweat House of Mayan- Before the presence of elaborating baths in the time of ancient Romans, the Mayas had the courteous sweat house. Only by some sort of accidents they were able to discover that the building was a sweat house. After extended analysis, they were able to find out that the Mayas had started using such sweat houses since 900 BC. There were three possible reasons for going to sweat houses regularly despite living in a tropical environment.

  • For cleansing their bodies, the Mayas used these sweat houses
  • They used these houses to get rid of illness
  • These sweat houses were become a way of communication with their super naturals

sweat house

3) Toilets and Fountains- An archaeologist’s team conducted a detailed study in 2009, how the Mayas were built toilets and fountains and how did they used them for controlling water pressure. This study started debate in the wide areas as the people have a belief that the ability to accomplish water pressure in this new World started only after Spanish Colonizers had arrived. This conclusion was arrived by the Researchers after the investigation of exclusive and complex water management system. It was called Big Water or Lakamha due to the presence of nine waterways, 56 springs and hundreds of meters of torrents by the ancient Mayans.


toilets of maya civilizations

4) Mayan Hieroglyphs- Researchers were assuming for years that the writing structure of Zapotecs was the source of derivation of Mayan Hieroglyphs which is a pre-Columbian advancement that populated Oxaca valley in the south of Central Mexico. In the New World, the Mayans was not invented the writing and the newly originated writing system is a completely refined script in evidence with the Mayas style of writing was not influenced by Zapotecs. All the Hieroglyphs were found inside the Pyramidal building situated in San Bartolo, Guatemala. Regrettably Researchers have not yet translated that the newly originated Hieroglyphs despite the fact that it is not clearly originated written text.


5) Primary Cause of the Mayan Apocalypse- One of the permanent mysteries involved with the Mayan civilization is the reason of their extinction. Technologically, the Mayans were more developed people. Astronomy and Mathematics were excellently understood by the Mayans, they also built impressive cities and the only written script in Meso-America used by them. But this advanced developed mysteriously exhausted. The Mayan Civilization was hit by two severe droughts in the last decades as evident by the facts.

severe droughts

6) Every day Lives of the Mayan Commoners- The village of Ceren in El Salvador is also known as New World Pompeii is considered to be the best perpetuated ancient Maya village in Latin America. In 1978, this archaeological location was identified via Professor Payson Sheets. The evidence observed at the site showed that the residents of Caren were not controlled by the ruling Maya elite, they were self-governing.


7) Ancient Royal Struggle- A 1,500 year old stone monument was determined by a team of archaeologists in 2013, below the Mayan temple in Guatemala. This monument was dated back to AD 564, précising an ancient Royal Struggle between two Mayan dynasties that was lasted for seven years.


8) Sustainable Technology- For four months in every year, the skies got dry up and no rains fell at that time so the ancient Mayan city of Tikal was located. In AD 700, 80,000 people were living in Mayan city. It was recently discovered by that a sustainable system of water delivery was used by the residents of Tikal for their survival. Researchers revelled that they had made several covered reservoirs for wet seasons.

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9) Mayan Life Force Ceremony- One of the cardinal faiths of the Mayan that each person has enchanted a life force. They believed that this life force was a source of the nutrition for the Gods. The ceremony was quite terrifying as they use to cut the earlobes, genital parts or tongue of individuals and let the blood. They have a belief that by performing the rituals that they were feeding the Gods with the human essential life force.

 life-force ceremony

10) Recipe for Maya Blue- A certain shade of blue to be highly convincing color as considered by Maya known as Maya Blue. This color was also used to cover codices, palace walls & pots. To cover the bodies of human sacrifices, it was furthermore used. Indigo and Palygorskite were the two main ingredients of Maya Blue as known by the Scientists.

maya blue


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